Whoosh. There Goes The Archos GamePad.



Late yesterday rumours started floating about that the Archos Gamepad was about to be launched. Lo and behold, when I wake up this morning it’s already been and gone from stock at the Archos website. I wasn’t planning on buying one myself but it’s always a little irritating when manufacturers under estimate demand like that. I recently went through the same thing with Google and my Nexus 4, so if you were waiting to buy it and missed it – I feel your pain. For those wondering, the price is said to be 149 € / £124.99 / ~$199.99.

Anyway. A couple of new videos surfaced in the last couple of days, maybe these can tide you over until the rumoured December 18th restock date.

One from our friend BAFelton from the dingoonity boards. This one’s in French but you get a nice product demo.

And another via armdevices.net courtesy of Charbax.

So did anyone manage to bag one of these last night? I’d be interested to know about that d-pad if so. Is it connected underneath the casing or is it 4 separate buttons? And what about the analog sliders, are they really analog? Please let us know when yours arrives!

Thanks to Kendrick and Brian Rodriguez for sending this in!

7 thoughts on “Whoosh. There Goes The Archos GamePad.”

  1. $200 is a bit rich considering you can buy a vita bundle for about the same price. I’ve had serious problems with android loading apk games after a time. It’s not what I’d call a tight OS. Does anyone know if this played nvidia games or do you need chainfire?

  2. Fits in every jacket pocket. Excellent selling point. Looks pretty sweet, would be interested in looking at the mapping software


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