Yinlips YDPG16 Review

Android handhelds are being churned out of busy Chinese factories at an alarming rate. At times it seems like a new model is being announced every week, keeping up with the latest and greatest would be a cripplingly expensive hobby. So before we all jump on the capacitive screen and Android 4.0 bandwagon let us stop, take a step back and have a proper look at one of the more interesting current models.

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JXD Jump On The Android Bandwagon

JXD S7100

The first is the JXD S7100 which surfaced online a few weeks ago. At the time I was too unimpressed to bother posting anything about it, but I’ll bundle it into this thread for those few that haven’t already seen it elsewhere. I’m assuming that JXD modelled this thing on what the Nintendo WiiU controller is supposed to look like, because otherwise I cannot fathom a reason for making a handheld so big and bizarre looking. It’s pretty much an 800×480 7″ Android 2.2 tablet with some rudimentary gaming buttons slapped onto the front. Spec lists report it as running on an ARM Cortex A9 clocked at 1Ghz (don’t hold me to it) coupled with ARM’s Mali-400 3D GPU, which is also widely used in smartphones and budget tablets. Read on for pics and videos…

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Is This The Android Powered iReadyGo?

If you cast your mind back as far as April you might remember the rumours of an Android handheld modelled very closely on what will be Sony’s next machine, the Vita. Well everything went quiet on that front until recently when listings for a new Yinlips device started appearing on the net. Yinlips are the company behind the G80, a mildly successful Win CE 5.0 clamshell comuter back in 2009.

Well it looks as though the iReadyGo has resurfaced, this time under the Yinlips YDPG18 name. It may be a different device, but it certainly looks to be very similar to the aforementioned iReadyGo.

Read on for some specs and more pictures.

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Another PS1 Home Console Emulator Hits The Shelves

Hot on the heels of the JXD M1000 (and the handheld equivalent, the 3000) comes another home console with Playstation emulation. Whoever manufactured this one went one step further and actually cloned theĀ aestheticsĀ of the PS One as well. Unfortunately I have nothing more to share, other than some pics and a couple of links. In …

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JXD Reworks the 3000 Into a Home Console And Media Centre – The M1000

It looks as though JXD are about to launch yet another machine, the M1000 – this time designed to sit next to your TV for use at home. The ads from JXD boast that it plays PS1 games, so it is possible that they’ll be using the same CPU from Actions Semiconductors rumoured to also …

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