JXD Jump On The Android Bandwagon

JXD S7100

The first is the JXD S7100 which surfaced online a few weeks ago. At the time I was too unimpressed to bother posting anything about it, but I’ll bundle it into this thread for those few that haven’t already seen it elsewhere. I’m assuming that JXD modelled this thing on what the Nintendo WiiU controller is supposed to look like, because otherwise I cannot fathom a reason for making a handheld so big and bizarre looking. It’s pretty much an 800×480 7″ Android 2.2 tablet with some rudimentary gaming buttons slapped onto the front. Spec lists report it as running on an ARM Cortex A9 clocked at 1Ghz (don’t hold me to it) coupled with ARM’s Mali-400 3D GPU, which is also widely used in smartphones and budget tablets. Read on for pics and videos…

There seems to be 2 versions:

A capacitive one in black at $175.10.

and a resistive one in white at $151.10.

There may be other factors that account for the rather large difference in price but I haven’t spotted them yet. These are both available on our beloved DX, and probably elsewhere too.

There are plenty of videos on Youtube demonstrating various N64 and PS1 games, too many to post here so instead I’ll just post the promo video from JXD.

I could have perhaps forgiven the comical non-portability of it and even its high price but unfortunately this thing doesn’t even have shoulder buttons, which rules out a huge majority of PS1, N64, GBA and SNES games. Forget it.

JXD S601

This second one surfaced just a couple of days ago and looks to be edging a little closer to normality. The absurd size has been done away with and thankfully some shoulder buttons have been added. It uses the same Cortex A9 and Mali 400 combination, so performance should be pretty much identical to that of the S7100 above. This time the screen resolution is reduced to 480×272 and the device comes only in a resistive variation. They’ve gone for their tried and tested PSP style case, used many times by JXD in previous and undoubtedly future handhelds. This one runs 2.3 instead of 2.2, so theoretically OnLive could be possible on it…

The two stores currently advertising it are isharegifts and etronixmart, however neither stores has actual photographs of the device so it’s likely that they don’t yet have any stock. Be aware before ordering. Once again here’s a JXD promo video. I wish they wouldn’t speed it up… it’s quite misleading!

5 thoughts on “JXD Jump On The Android Bandwagon”

  1. I have one too and tbh i think you are being a bit harsh (no offence intended!).
    So far, i am very very happy with it. For the cost and what it does it’s a fantastic piece of kit and i would highly recommend it. As Joel already states you can get around the lack of shoulder buttons and the machine has so much already pre installed that it took me days even discovering the goodies that were already there. I like the screen size. OK it’s not all that portable but at least you can actually see and use it. Wi-Fi is quick,screen resolution is excellent and it has physical buttons. What’s not to like?

  2. Thanks for the updates, definitely appreciated.

    Style tip: your (3x) use of the word “retarded” makes you sound like you have a limited vocabulary. Using this word in 2012 is roughly equivalent to using “colored” in 1962.

  3. just receive my black S7100 : the screen is indeed capacitive and sound is not too bad; the interface is a bit too much, and you can play and download immediatly lots of stuff and it’s not bad at all.
    You can’t charge it via USB and I have the feeling that battery life won’t be so long. Got it for $120 and even for that price, there are other better android tablets… The buttons aren’t bad though and it’s a nice big handheld; you can easily remap the button so no shoulder buttons are not such a big issue, and you can still use the capacitive screen as well. All in all, it’s a good device though, well balanced and hopefully, JXD will upgrade it regularly, even if their new policy seems to issue a new device every other month…


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