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  1. I’m from Brazil, and I’m so excited for this coming out soon on a gadgets’ store like DX or Focalprice, available on American sites, here you might read US ones. About the on-line/GBA link: Did you guys test pokemon’s link battles and trading pokemons or another games like Megaman Battle Network and Yu-Gi-Oh series? I’m really interested and excited to buy this one, but I don’t want to buy at taobao/zarmark because I don’t wanna pay commissions to anyone, just the product’s price, nothing more than this.

      • All other clones you got for now has low frame rate (40+ frames per second compared with original 60 fps) because of 2 key factors : The emulator limitation and the cheaper CPU interface LCD module. Not to mention their battery can not last for 2 hours because of the high clock frequency (360MHZ or more) on CPU and DRAM. K Team is working with manufacturers to come out new model and new form factor. It should be ready in 2 months from now. Be patient. We tried to make it right the first time. That’s why we didn’t make it sooner. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info. It really help to make an informed decision reading sites like this. This is one of my daily browsing pages.

  2. Do you have an email address I can contact you at? I have a couple of questions I’d love to ask you!

    If you don’t want to publish it — feel free to drop me an email.

  3. Thanks obscure. I’ll be checking for news here. Btw, have you seen the Playstation one clones on chinise sites? Psi game system. Seems to play psx games on storage cards, hdmi plug etc.. about 60 euros. not bad huh? Same design of the last psx model released, small one.

  4. SDHC and you can drag and drop roms. That’s somthing I always wanted to do with my M3 card. Also the screen looks nicer that the original SP. Any thoughts on this?

    • I think I mentioned it but yeah, the screen is vastly better than that of the GBA. It’s brighter and more colourful and the pixel grid is far less noticeable. Remember though, when it gets to market it’ll have whatever screen the manufacturer wants so not necessarily this one. The inbuilt scaling engine does a WAY better job of smoothing out those jagged scaling artefacts though, which is a bonus you’ll see whatever screen the manufacturer chooses.

    • The team will probably find someone to build a development board for developers to work on this platform. But that is for the bonus features, not games. For game developing, you just need to get all these resources on the Internet. Anything.gba you make from these legacy tools will work on the device. We have very high confidence level on the compatibility we achieved. It’s an ARM compatible system so you can easily work on it using your own ARM tools.

      • [320×240 display? 150MHz? File system access? ]
        These have been there already. The display is adjustable so you can even keep original 3:2 aspect ratio. File system (FAT) make it possible to read/write TF card.

  5. From personal experience I know that Smashing Drive and Duke Nukem Advance are unplayable on any Chinese portable (or the gp2x Wiz; I have not tested them on the new Gemei, though). I wonder if you could give them a spin, just for the sake of further validation of the quality of this product.
    Love your blog, cheers

    • I’ve already tested them both and they both play fine 🙂 I can do get some footage if you’d like but it won’t be til tomorrow probably. My plan was to see if there were many requests for games to be tested and do them all in one big video.

      • No need for that, I just wanted to check. This is looking excellent, I am looking forward to purchasing one. An even greater thing to happen would be the rebirth of gameboy advance game development, which I am well aware is not possible. My nostalgia for that system is unrelenting though, some of the best, most original titles came out on it.

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