Gemei X760+ Now On Sale.

Whilst it’s been available on some native Chinese stores like taobao for a while, today it just cropped up on Lightake for $83.99 with free shipping.

If you’re thinking about it, then it’s perhaps worth reading this thread first as it outlines some of the good and bad sides of the thing. In short, it’s a bigger version of the GA330 with a 480×272 widescreen, analog and extra buttons. Unfortunately due to the screen it doesn’t run software created for the GA330 without some modification.

Addict that I am, I’m still giving this one a miss. My mid-years resolution is to stop buying handhelds until they can do something new and exciting! Shouldn’t be too much to ask… where’s the iReadyGo at?!

8 thoughts on “Gemei X760+ Now On Sale.”

  1. Actually i realized that PSP go is exploitable so… there is a chance to get one of 2nd hand and use it for emulation purposes only (once i haved a psp but i dont like the ps2 like games because i still own and use a ps2.)

  2. The Dingoo is nice but I find the performance on CPS2 and SNES to be lacking. If you want small size you should considder a GPH WIZ. The OLED screen in gorgeous or there’s also the PSP GO. Both of those could be had for only 10 or 20 dollars more than the Dingoo. I use my Dingoo for less demanding emualtoin.

  3. Maybe i will look out for the dingoo A320… PSP is also very good but i dont like the size of it.

    I want mostly use the handheld on subway travels.

    Today i own a clasic NDS and a gameboy color 🙂

  4. you have a choice depending on budget. the cheapest and the best of the chinese machines is still the dingoo a320. the community development behind it is astonishing, and i’m fairly sure you can emulate every machine listed on it.

    one step up would be a gp2x caanoo, more expensive but better built. again, all those emulators you listed are supported, though the community may not be as strong as the one behind the dingoo.

    and one step further would be openpandora… but i wouldn’t recommend it at the moment. the delay is huge and they’re quite expensive for what they are.

  5. In your opinion, wich is the best obscure handheld to play with:

    cps2 (if possible)
    game boy
    snes (if possible)
    game gear
    megadrive (if possible)

    I see a lot of chinese devices but i’m not sure wich can bring all that features on a decent product (quality, shape, price, etc)

  6. i might be wrong but i think it’s a pre-order. either that or they have exclusivity, because it’s not on taobao, dhgate or alibaba yet which is unheard of it it’s had a full release.
    maybe they’re prototypes like the a380s that the other store sold. who knows. either way, the store isn’t really accessible to most non-chinese speaking folk.

    and yeah, at £187 it is pretty expensive. but then again it looks to be a hell of a lot more powerful than anything else on the chinese market currently.


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