New and Improved Aluminium RK2020 Released

It seems to be a new trend these days to release revised aluminium versions of every handheld. The RK2020 is the latest to be fitted out with a fancy new shell, and this new revision also has a few other improvements made to it too.

The aluminium RK2020 promises the following improvements over the original design.

  • Fast charging speed.
  • Charge with the unit switched off.
  • Fixed overheating.
  • Less clicky shoulder buttons.
  • Removal of the non-functional reset button.

It’ll be interesting to see how they’ve fixed the overheating issue and whether the board has been revised to move the CPU from behind the LCD. The charge speed issue has also apparently been fixed, however the new charging current isn’t specified. The charging of the original device was very slow, as noted in my review of the original unit.

The aluminium RK2020 is available from retromimi for $119.99.


12 thoughts on “New and Improved Aluminium RK2020 Released”

  1. The first RK2020 device was not good. I had nothing but issues, it felt cheap, and I ended up selling mine for a loss. I’m pretty much avoiding their products going forward.

  2. It’s nice. It’s not $120 nice.

    That said, I’ve spent a good amount on handhelds I just can’t fucking use because the buttons feel like crap. Even the OGA I’m just not a huge fan of because of the buttons and the corners. It’s stupid but if it doesn’t feel good then why bother?

    Funnily enough, one of the systems that I’ve spent the most time on was the Pocketgo, but that was mostly because I got hooked on Circle of the Moon again and I didn’t mind the tiny screen.

  3. This is a really sleek version. A few good fixes so that’s pretty awesome. The power is still the same , so those play issues that we have with some PSP, Dreamcast and N64 title will still be present. God Of War is a perfect example of this.
    Is it worth the near £100 price point for this?

    Its my understanding the the community would like a little more power and a lager screen. That would do it


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