GPD XD Plus Now Available For Pre-Order

GPD did say it’d be available in the new year, but I wasn’t expecting it to arrive as quickly as this. The GPD XD+ can now be ordered at Fasttech for $198 shipped. I’ve decided I’m going to get one this time around, though I may wait until I can find a decent discount code. If I have the patience.

US version
EU version

Happy new year everyone!

It’s been noted that GPD have said they’re not releasing these until the end of the month. Whilst Fasttech are a trustworthy shop, they may (or may not) have been a little over enthusiastic when listing these to ship out in 3 days. If you’d rather be sure than have to wait for it, then wait until the product info changes from saying “ships in 3 days” to “in stock”. Thanks to everyone that pointed this out to me.

Fasttech have updated the product to show they will receive stock on the 2nd Feb. That sounds a bit more accurate. Based on that, you may find it as cheap or cheaper at another site closer to the time. If I find anything I will post it below.

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  1. Skelton, thanks for the custom ROM for the old XD. You think the plus is worth a update? I do like the PSP emulation being better.

  2. SKELTON, I’m sure your Legacy Rom would only the need the tiniest of tweek’s to work on the plus version ?

    1. It would be to be donde from 0. Different system CPU etc. So different kernel. There is no kernel source for gpd xd plus. Anyhow, other dev would do the job, not me. And probably other dev may do a different kind of rom. I know one dev that is interested in portling lineageOS to It, but it depends on gpd that he can get one.

      1. I’m wondering what the difference would be between the 1st GPD XD with your ROM running @
        1.8 ghtz & 2GB Ram and a stock GPD XD PLUS with its 4GB Ram ? would you even notice any difference performance wise regarding emulators, If we already have the 1st GPD XD with legacy , or we just wait until the custom kernal comes along .

        1. Difference is not great, just a bit better psp and dremcast. Xd plus is just a revision because they could no longer manufacture old rk3288, but not a great performance difference. The mrk8176 compares to a snapdragon 650 more or less.

          1. Also, it’s not clear that gpd Will release kernel or not to make a custom one. And someone else must do that kernel, because i stopped android scene after legacyrom for XD.

          2. OK ,Thanks for answering my questions , I’m going to hold off buying the plus version, I’ll wait 6 to 8 months & if no custom kernal I’ll get the JXD S192K Singularity , Which has 4GB Ram and 1.8 ghtz stock . Cheers

  3. Be careful posting things like this. GPD tweeted that it won’t release until the end of the month and that early listings like these are fake.

    1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

      Seems like that might be true, but it’s weird that FT listed it because they’re one of the more trustworthy Chinese shops. I’ll edit the post a bit.

      1. No story on the GPD WIN 2 yet?

        1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

          I’ll get to it as soon as I can. I know Phawx has been posting hundreds of videos of his prototype.

        2. lexluthermiester says: Reply

          There are rumblings of an August release, but no official word yet

    2. lexluthermiester says: Reply is only reporting information they have found. They are not responsible for the actions of a third party like Even though the wording is not used, it seems likely that this is a pre-order situation.

  4. I’ll wait till more PPSSPP tests appear on youtube

    1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

      Fasttech updated the product listing a couple of hours later to show stock arriving on 2nd Feb. I did update the article with this info.

  5. Agree i want a god win 2 this time round but the price has to come down from $600

  6. as far as I know won’t be until february/march, It seems strange they dispaatch it so soon. I am currntly testing a protoype and the firmware still needs some adjustment…

    1. lexluthermiester says: Reply

      Glad to know you are on the project. Your roms have been excellent!

      1. Well. I am just a Tester this time. My develpment days are gone. So i am just providing feedback.

        1. lexluthermiester says: Reply

          That’s too bad. Thought you’d come out of retirement… Still, someone with your experience is valuable to get input from.

          1. As far as I know there some devs interested in it. So probably external development will be there by other people.

  7. lexluthermiester says: Reply

    Nice. I wonder how they compare, performance wise.

  8. Wow. that was fast.

    The GPD Win 2 is looking awesome.

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