GPD XD Gets Revamped – XD+ Coming Early Next Year

Everything you need to know about GPD’s next handheld is eloquently and informatively explained by Phawx in the video below. To summarise, the RK3288 in the 2015 model is going out of production soon but GPD want to continue selling the XD – so they’re doing the sensible thing and keeping the exact form factor but upgrading the internals to the 64bit Mediatek MT8176 chipset.

We can expect a significant performance boost in the XD+, with the Antutu benchmark scoring almost twice as high compared to the XD at 75k. And that’s in a pre-production alpha model, a finely tuned Android implementation could easily reach 84k.

Indeed, the raw power of the XD+ is demonstrated nicely as we see the 64bit GameCube emulator, Dolphin, coping extremely well on the new hardware. Skelton has been drafted in again to help with the development of the software implementation so this thing is likely going to be another huge success for GPD.


Thanks to Chad for sending this in.

8 Replies to “GPD XD Gets Revamped – XD+ Coming Early Next Year”

  1. I’d want one of these if it had the form factor of the Windows version, more or less (controller + KEYBOARD)

  2. I’ve read the GPD WIN2 is going to retail for 600$. Ouch.
    GPD XD is ~180$ now on gearbest while first gen WIN is $360
    QUICK MATH: GPD XD2 will retail for 600/360*180=298$
    Hope I’m wrong.

  3. Damn looks good but I hoped the XD meant a bigger version was coming as well.

  4. I should stop holding my breath for a 6 button layout.

  5. If the price is right I will likely trade up to it next Christmas after the bugs are ironed out.

  6. i will keep my xd i don’t think i will get this

    1. lexluthermiester says: Reply

      Give it time and let them flesh out the features and specs. Skelton’s Android ROM mastery is in the mix too.

  7. lexluthermiester says: Reply

    This looks good! I just wish they’d to a 6 or 7 inch screen version of this. 5 inches is just to small.

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