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  1. k1gba.com is the first on line shop selling K1 GBA SP console wordwild FREE SHIPPING.

  2. Just bought the maxzhou solution a couple of days ago and am now eagerly awaiting the shipping confirmation. Love what you’ve done.

    Are there maybe plans for an improvd Game Boy Color with a backlit screen?

  3. Kudos to K Team! I hope to see your K1 solution in the original GBA housing. It just tends to be very robust in the loose child’s hands.

  4. Hello, I ordered the K-TEAM GBA SP, I was just wondering how or where do I get the video-out cable? Can we do component-out ypbpr?

    1. The video cable is not available commercial now (but soon). For now, you can DIY, following the instruction here : http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1513265006

  5. Okay I got mine today. This is one of those gems that is really worth getting. All my flash cards work great. It’s by far the best non Nintendo device I’ve ever used to play gba games. I think the screen on my SP looks a little better but not by much.

    1. Holy shit this k team sp isn’t generating sav files.

      1. * plus start got it. I was a little frantic for a sec

        1. lol. you figured it out 😀

  6. You need to get a front page review at gbatemp.net
    I would offer this up at any blog that ever did a piece on the Dingoo
    There’s http://www.ds-scene.net/
    I’d pitch this to any seller that carries flash cards. You should really be on shop temp
    If you work to get the right buzz going this could really be big

  7. Guys, thanks for your voice! We K-Team appreciate that a lot ! If DX is not responding, maybe you can suggest other stores that you trust and we can approach directly. DX seems to ignore all emails or phone calls. We couldn’t even get through the operator to have a talk with their sourcing manager or someone whom we can discuss with.
    We believe we have already created a great SoC solution to achieve high compatibility of GBA. We will keep working on code improvement and new project for you real game players!

    1. maybe a smaller store would be easier to get hold of. i like these places:

      http://www.manafont.com – this place is awesome, and the staff are easy to get hold of too.

      or if you want to try other large stores:


      good luck!

    2. @K Team: Is maxzhou88 someone from your staff?
      When will you open an English translated site for all users? (as far as I know there is no English site, but only Chinese one)
      From maxzhou88 I saw some images about your solution with a different case: do you suggest us to buy the gba sp like case solution or the one gemei 380 like?
      Is battery removable on gba sp case (on gemei 380 case it seems so)?
      Are you producing them now?
      Thanks for all answers.

      1. maxzhou88 is just one of the sellers who bought the goods from manufacturers and re-pack it. K-Team only provide the SoC. We don’t do end products. Every manufacturer has their own policy for doing end product,say, removable battery ? form factor ? Or even the LCD screen size… to name a few.. We don’t enforce anything nor we don’t sell the products.

      2. @K Team, what would the best screen size be?
        Anyway, I was able to speak with a operator at dx, but he said that the guys that worked at the product requests just went home… (it was late)
        I had to wait 2 hours before speaking with them… sniff
        Their standard time is CST = UTC+8, so try contacting them from 8am, I mean, working hours.

    3. I have other questions as well:
      1) What was the hardest part while reverse engineering the gba?
      2) Did you use any online documentation or did you start from scratch?
      3) Did you use source code of open gba emulators?
      4) Will you ever publish any documentation about your discoveries on the gba hardware?
      5) Will you release source code of your system?
      6) How old are you? What is your specialization in real life? (engineer?)
      7) What was your previous knowledge when you started reverse engineering the gba? Do you have any previous work?
      8) Do you regret not adding something to your solution?
      9) How many workers do work on K Team?
      10) For what reason did you start this project?

      Free cookies? ;-p

      1. 1. The hardest part is, of course, the compatibility.
        2. We study everything we can get. textbook, internet infos and we did break so many deviceSSSS..
        3. Not directly but emulators play an important role in the process.
        4/5. Probably no.
        6. That’s rude to ask. 🙂
        7. Remain secret.
        8. So far, no.
        9. Remain secret.
        10. Remain secret.

        No cookies. sorry.

      2. How many secrets… ;-p
        Btw, did you give a name to your creation?
        If you only provide SoCs, you should give users the ability to identify all these different products with different form factors, no?
        GBAK ?
        GKA ?
        K-GBA ?
        Give it a name, it sound bad to always call it a “reverse engineered GBA”.

      3. @DB, the solution (SoC+firmware) is simply called “K1”. We don’t do end product so that’s not necessary to give some name to unknown products. The easiest way to determine if the device is a K1 device is to preform “GBA Cartridge hot plug & play”. By this action, K1 will reboot automatically. Emulators will not reboot. Original GBA will hang with noise. K1 detect the cartridge insertion/offline. You can plug a cartridge in (the device will take the cartridge and load the game on it) or pull it out (the device will reboot to its default screen or built-in game menu… etc) WHEN the device is still POWERED. NOTE: you don’t need to power down to change cartridges!!

      4. Ok, so we should say to sellers to add to description “based on k1” so to identify your SoC.
        Btw, some other questions:
        1) Best screen size?
        2) Looking at maxzhou88 solution, it seems that the microsd slot is integrated, but from the review of obscurehandhelds I understand that the microsd should be integrated in the K-Card: do you provide different SoCs or there is something that I don’t know / can’t understand?

      5. @DB:
        1) Best screen size? — 320×240 is the best. The LCD screen quality is great and our scaling technology make the original graphics staying at the same quality or even better.

        2) Looking at maxzhou88 solution, it seems that the microsd slot is integrated, but from the review of obscurehandhelds I understand that the microsd should be integrated in the K-Card: do you provide different SoCs or there is something that I don’t know / can’t understand? — The TF card resides on the K-Card which is an adaptor to be inserted into the cartridge. That’s for only one reason : Keeping the original cartridge and using the same form factor. Makers of the machines can choose if they want to keep the cartridge slot or just take TF card as the storage (Then, no cartridge can be played)

      6. My K cart isn’t creating sav files. Any ideas?

  8. I just ordered one using Zarmark. I can’t wait for another vendor to pick his up. I’ll still request on DX though.

  9. A good way is to contact Taobao Shopping agent

    My Taobao shop: http://igame32.taobao.com/

  10. Day today, I went to DX in Shenzhen, but …

    1. But… What?

      1. I guess he means he either couldn’t speak to the right person or they’re not interested.
        Everyone just needs to fill in a product request. Once they see that it’s a sought after item they’ll surely stock it.

  11. DX are struggling at the moment. I placed an order mid December and i’m still waiting for it. They also don’t appear to be responding to emails? Delivery time was always a little slow with DX but recently they don’t seem to be coping and the service is very very poor. I hope they sort it out sooner rather than later.

    1. It’s just the backlog fron CNY, it happens every year 🙂
      Also, they never reply to emails – you need to open a CSE ticket.

      1. I’ve tried everything (at least twice!). Emails, support tickets, live help..you name it. Getting no where! I know they are usually busy after CNY but CNY wasn’t in December.

  12. I just said it, but I will repeat it.

    It seems it is possible to order it as explained here http://gbatemp.net/topic/318723-a-game-boy-advance-11-clone-with-extras/page__view__findpost__p__4102895
    In short: you go here http://www.zarmark.com/shoppingcart.aspx and you add link http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=15002396780 and they say their price to send it to you.
    I did not test this method and will wait for someone that yet tested it.

    1. Hi DB,

      It was me that posted that on GBATemp – I can vouch for Zarmark as I’ve used them before. It’s not the ideal way of purchasing something though, it takes a while and it’s usually a little more expensive that it could be. But if you’re eager…

    2. P.S. Please shout up in the thread on DX.

      1. I filled a Product Request form, let’s hope they reply with an OK…
        BTW, what price would you want it to be? I wrote 50$…

      2. P.S. Ask users, in the main post, to fill a Product Request form too.
        It can be found here http://www.dealextreme.com/feedbacks/productrequest.dx

  13. I’m buying this as soon as I can. Does K Team have a list of sellers yet?

    1. There aren’t any sellers yet, that’s the purpose of this – to try and get DX to stock it. DX do listen if enough people are interested, so please shout up in thread over there.

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