Neo Geo X Exposes Its Hardware, Gets Hacked

It’s probably no surprise to learn that the Neo Geo X does not house real Neo Geo compatible hardware inside it, far from it in fact, as these photographs from show it’s just an Ingenic JZ4770 – the same SoC that can be found inside the soon-to-be-released GCW Zero.

neogeox_mainboard2 neogeox_mainboard

Tinkerers have also noted that once taken apart, you can swap out the ROMs on the internal MicroSD card for any other ROMs of your choice as long as you rename them to match one of the pre-existing ones. It doesn’t seem like Tommo/Blaze/SNK (delete as appropriate) invested much time or money into securing this thing, which is a probably a blessing in disguise for everybody involved.

Check out the links below for more info.

Neo Geo

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