What We Know About The Anbernic WIN600 Windows Handheld

Rumours that Anbernic would be releasing their own Windows powered handheld have been rife for a while, but we now know it to be true. There is now a page devoted to the Anbernic Win600 windows handheld on their website, and we also now know its specs.

The Win600 will be Anbernic’s first foray into handhelds running Windows. They follow the footsteps of Aya, GPD and soon Ayn. The Anbernic Win600 will come in two variants, both running on AMD APUs.

Anbernic Win600


The Win600 will come with two APU variants, the AMD 3020e and 3050e. These are both 14nm chips released in mid 2020 with Vega 3 GPUs and a 6w TDP. The main differences between the two APUs are below.

Base clock1.2GHz1.4GHz
Max boost2.6GHz2.8GHz

Neither of these two variants are massively powerful. Compared to the quad core Zen 2 APU in the Steam Deck even the 3050e variant falls way short. However the price has not yet been revealed. They will need to significantly undercut the Steam Deck’s $400 price tag to compete.

Both models will ship with 8GB of DDR4 RAM in a single channel configuration running at 2400MHz. A nice feature of the Win600 is that the m.2 storage drive and RAM chips are socketed rather than soldered. This means that upgrades and replacements are potentially possible at a later date. Whether the device will support 3200MHz RAM remains to be seen as AMD rates these APUs for 2400MHz on their spec sheets.

image courtesy of ETA Prime

Both variants of the Anbernic Win600 will also contain 6″ (just under) 16:9 720p touchscreens. This lower resolution may help running some more demanding PC titles, but 3200MHz dual channel RAM would really have helped.

It looks as though both devices will support Windows 10 and 11, and 10 will come preinstalled. The device also “supports” SteamOS. Anbernic posted a video showing the dual boot configuration yesterday. Skip to 10:14 to get straight to it.

The full specs provided by Anbernic can be found here, and in the screenshot below.

fondle admiringly 😀


The Win600 is configured with a familiar control layout on the front, with dual analog sticks, ABXY, a dpad, start and select buttons plus a Windows button and a Home button. Both analog sticks sit beneath the rest of the controls. Looking at early video reviews it seems like they might be too low down to be comfortable. It would have made more sense on this device for the left analog to be above the dpad.

The top edge of the device contains stacked shoulder buttons, something that Anbernic have only just started to do with the RG353P. Also on top are a USB-A 3.0 port, USB-C port for fast charging and a set of vents for hot air exhaust.

Anbernic Win600 Windows Handheld White

On the right side you’ll find a mouse/joystick mode selector switch as well as button that brings up the on screen keyboard. On the left side a volume rocker sits above the power button. The bottom edge contains only a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Those familiar with Anbernic devices may notice something amiss here. Yep, there is no external microSD storage on the Win600. A huge oversight, in my opinion.

Anbernic Win600 Windows Handheld in Grey


The Anbernic Win600 Windows Handheld is due to be released at the beginning of July, and will come in two colour variants. The 3020e version will only be available in dark grey, whereas the 3050e version will also be available in white. Anbernic have yet to announce the price of either version. Personally I think there is room for lower performance Windows machines in this market, but the Steam Deck has set a precedent with price. I feel Anbernic will need really need to make this a budget device if it’s to be successful.

24 thoughts on “What We Know About The Anbernic WIN600 Windows Handheld”

  1. Dear Anbernic,
    Could you folks do an 8.4″ version of this? Same specs, same form-factor, just bigger screen. Call it the Win840 or something similar. Would be most grateful!

  2. Mr Chaz86,
    You are incorrect. The Win600 has socketed, user upgradeable RAM & M.2 slots. This is per Anbernic’s own specs. Please stop with the disinformation. Thank You.

  3. i have seen several reviews on youtube about this device already. the storage and ram are in-fact soldered in. You are the only place claiming they are not. Additionally the pre-order price is 320.99 and will be 349.95 once pre orders are done.

    • I don’t know what videos you’ve been watching but the RAM and m.2 are clearly not soldered in, they’re socketed.

    • Mr Chaz86, the M.2 and RAM are NOT soldered on this handheld, per the design specs from Anbernic themselves. They are meant to be user upgradeable. Please stop with the disinformation. Thank You.

    • I wish they’d offset them….that’s one of my only complaints about the RG351. The Steam Deck is the same way, unfortunately (along with being a lot bigger than I expected)

    • What?!? What drugs are you on? This tablet is VERY smooth looking. Stylish. If you think it’s ugly, you might need glasses..

      • Looks ugly to me too. The circular vent on the back isn’t a good look. And it’s weird they have it on more than one handheld iteration because no one liked it in reviews. And this new shape looks squatty and unergonomic.

  4. I hope this Handheld won’t be a disappointment like the RG552. I like the RK3399 but the Handheld shouldn’t have been priced at $230. It should have been sold from $180-$200.

  5. Looks decent but it’ll take a lot for it to beat the value of the Odin and I just don’t see it… would love to be surprised though!

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