Here are a few of the sites I get info, news and help from.

Das Handheld Blog (German)
A blog similar to obscurehandhelds, for German speaking folk.

Dingoonity Boards
Dingoonity is a forum (and blog) set up when the Dingoo A320 was in its prime. Today it still functions as an expansive knowledge base for all A320 related things. It also has sections for Android handhelds with lots of tweaked ROMs and guides for the most popular JXD and Yinlips machines. It looks like it’ll also be the home for GCW Zero related news, guides and help and once it starts to ship.

Dingoo Scene
A blog not totally dissimilar to Obscure Handhelds, but originally focussing on the Dingoo A320. These days you can find news of updates, tweaks, software releases and guides for all things handheld. A great site.

OpenPandora Boards
The official Pandora and ICP forum, also has an active “Other Consoles” section.

A decent tech blog covering a wide range of gadgets and new technologies. Big shout to Brad Linder who seems to like this site! 😀

MaxZhou88 on Baidu (Chinese)
Lot’s of info about K1 and Revo here, including tons of photographs of the device, box art and close ups of the internal hardware.

MaxZhou88’s Youku channel


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  1. Does anyone know why I can’t use my external micro sd card on my JXD S 5110 b. it is showing as being recognized by the console, yet when I try to transfers apps from internal to external I am reading that my apps cannot be moved. Help!

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