OpenDingux Running On The GameGadget

First there was this:

And today BAFelton posted these:

Someone posted something about this on the official GameGadget Facebook page this morning, but it’s been removed for one reason or another. I wonder how the GameGadget team feel about this? On the one hand it might help sell more units, but it’s not going to help relations with the people they’ve licensed games from is it? It was pretty much inevitable though, given the hardware similarities to the Dingoo and the ability to run your own software on it… maybe this is secretly what the GG team were hoping for.


More good news for people that are teetering on the edge of grabbing one of these toys, the price has been dropped to £59.99 as of today – but that does away with the bundled free games that were previously included. Who needs those when OpenDingux has joined the party anyway? For those of you that purchased at the higher price, I hear from their facebook page that you will be refunded the difference. Not bad eh? You’ll also notice that the GameGadget representative exclaimed “Awesome” to Duncan Rowland’s video of sqrxz3 running on the machine, so I guess they’re pretty happy that it’s getting some community support already.

2 thoughts on “OpenDingux Running On The GameGadget”

  1. The GameGadget is availabe to pre-order from here for £99.99. I’ve read from the Pandora forums that using discount code gamegadget20 will bring that price down to £79.99. Not bad.

  2. OPENDINGUX IS crap. it’s a half baked O.S that can’t compete with Dingux Legacy. They’ve been working on that for 3 years – and it’s still unfinished!- and it shows less performance in every emulator than Legacy. Devs are doing a lousy job if you ask me.


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