The Dingoo’s Spiritual Successor?

Dingoonity board member and esteemed reviewer qbertaddict has posted a short video on youtube demoing a prototype currently known as the GCW. Firmware and potential model name are under wraps at this point, but the internal specs make for some mildly interesting reading.

Qbertaddict divulges that the innards of this device are manufactured by Ingenic, the same firm that supplied the SoC for the Dingoo A320. This time however the specs are a little more impressive, reportedly packing an 800Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM and a dedicated GPU. This made me curious enough to head on over to Ingenic’s website and take a look at their current products to see which SoC it might be. It looks likely to be a JZ4760 overclocked from 600Mhz and with a dedicated 2D GPU on board, but qbertaddict did say that the SoC was capable of reaching ~1Ghz so it’s a possibility that there lies a JZ4770 in here instead – which I guess would offer a fair bit more potential than the former due to it’s dedicated 3D acceleration. I briefly covered this SoC before if you’re interested —> click

Check the video for some SNES and PS1 action. Oh, and if you think the shell looks familiar – that’s because it seems to be using a modified version of the Gemei A330 shell 🙂

25 thoughts on “The Dingoo’s Spiritual Successor?”

  1. PSX Emulation is one of the main reasons I want one of these…
    OH, and also the following systems:

    CPS1 – Streetfighter 2 (mainly the hacks M1, M2, M3, etc Rainbow)
    CPS2 – X-Men Vs Streetfighter Marvel Vs Streetfighter, Marvel SH
    FBA – All the “Shmups”
    MAME – Mortal Kombat series (mainly MK2), Track n Field
    SNES – EVO search for eden
    Megadrive – PGA Tour Golf
    ScummVM – Monkey Island
    Doom – (Goldeneye TC)
    Duke Nukem –
    GBA – Mario Allstars and World, GTA, Konomi Classics
    GB GBC – Mario Land 1 & 2

    • Ignore that i have re-read the page and states price, but another enquiry is that my friend has enquired about the prototype of the console, i am just enquiring what if any changes are to be made from that to the final version?

  2. The projected retail price is $100.00 to $110.00. As For where are we based our main office is in the MidWest USA. The item is being manufactured in china and tested and boxed here in America if I could produce it here in America at a reasonable price I would but that at this point just is not in the cards right now.

    After testing the dual soc prototype we have abandon that progress forward and have reverted to a one soc which is the video teaser you have viewed from QbertAddict we had way more issue with out dual soc idea than it was worth to take the time and figure out.

  3. Hi,
    Are there shoulder buttons? What are the screen size and resolution?
    I don’t see any interest for G-sensor and Vibro shock. Such a console would be interesting for retrogaming (PSX and N64).
    I wish you good luck for the development.

  4. According to interest from community we may make a console with the Android OS and a Capacitive screen on the same hardware but that is a plan for the future not at present as we want to focus on this device at present.

  5. There have been a lot of questions as of late about the prototype Qbertaddict has
    Been reviewing and testing for further development. As for answers here they are in
    No particular order.

    We are currently looking for resellers worldwide and will allow
    Only two resellers/vendors per country. If you’re interested in making orders for the
    Consoles please contact me @ to make arrangements for a fulfillment
    Contract on release date. Tentatively release date in Mid July to Early August 2012.

    Developers may also contact me for interest in development on the unit and we can arrange
    To send you a prototype at discounted cost for the console.

    1. What is the current OS? The current OS is based on Linux 2.6 but will hopefully be
    Open Dingux by release date.

    2. What is the menu system? That is currently under wraps but we are working on a
    Completely new menu system for it and hopefully will be done before release. If not
    We may go to GMenu2x with permission of the developer of course.

    3. There are two 1 GHz processors under clocked to 800 MHz with potential to over clock
    To 1.2 GHz. It also has a FPU and a 3D GPU clocked at 496 MHz

    4. Memory is 256MB DDR2

    5. Internal Storage is 4GB but can be bumped to 8GB or 16GB by release date.

    6. External storage is MicroSD and capable of supporting 32GB MicroSD card we think
    It can support 64GB but this has not been tested as of yet.

    7. It has G-Sensor and Vibro shock built into the system.

    8. The analog nub currently is mapped to duplicate D-pad moves but will be changed
    To independent mapping so it can be used as separate controller

    9. The console has HDMI out and Analog TV out and is capable of 1080P on the HDMI TV-out.

    10. The console has Wi-Fi built in and is 802.11b/802.11g

    • excellent. i’d hope for some big improvements on the n64/ps1 side of things in the final emu versions then.
      can you give us any hints on OS? based on dingux/opendingux or not?

  6. Whoa ! Finally a machine that is small enough, I can’t bare these PSP-mimics, too big for a handheld device.

    I’m waiting for your next article about that one.


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