The Dingoo’s Spiritual Successor?

Dingoonity board member and esteemed reviewer qbertaddict has posted a short video on youtube demoing a prototype currently known as the GCW. Firmware and potential model name are under wraps at this point, but the internal specs make for some mildly interesting reading. Qbertaddict divulges that the innards of this device are manufactured by Ingenic, …

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It Came and Went (Update: Pre-orders Are Open, Shipping November)

When was the last piece of tech that you were interested in released on time? I don’t think I’ve ever been priveleged enough to experience this phenomenon. In keeping with an age old tradition, Gemei have well and truly missed their 15th October release date for their new machine.

Why is that?.. I hear you ask. Well apparently it’s due to some “technical difficulties”. Whether that’s hardware or software is anyone’s guess but we do have some progress to report – things are plodding along! Behold – The final retail packaging for the A330!

Word is that they need just a couple of weeks to iron out said difficulties before it hits the stores. That should take us into an early November release date…

Read on for some pics of the rather wonderful packaging…

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Booboo is back!

Those waiting feverishly for the Gemei A330 will be very glad to hear these 2 pieces of news. The author of Dingux (Linux for the Dingoo) is back on the scene after a hiatus of almost a year, and is ready for action. Poised ready to work on the Dingux improvements front, he is also …

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A Dingoo Successor Emerges… The Gemei A330

In the baffling world of Chinese firm Dingoo Digital (or is that Dingoo Technologies? Does anyone care anymore?) nothing is black and white. It seems that both mobs are quite happy firing accusations at one another for breach of copyright and theft of source code at the moment (If you want to trawl the long and confusing drama that is “Who is the real Dingoo team?” then you could start here but I wouldn’t advise it).

What is certain (or as close as you’re going to get) is that the company behind the manufacture of the Dingoo A320 was Gemei, a reputable Chinese electronics company.

18 or so months after the Dingoo A320 landed, and after a lot of leaked photographs, wild speculation, a fake successor and a whole load of hullabaloo over at the dingoonity forums, it finally seems that the real successor is about to land – and this time it comes with some official pics.

Over at the dingoonity forums, one of the staff members from Chinavasion posted to say that they would be taking stock of the new machine “soon”.

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