OpenDingux Released For The Dingoo A320.

Bit late to the party here since the release became available on the 5th of September. Better late than never I suppose. The long awaited OpenDingux has finally reached a stage that the developers deem stable enough for use by the general public. Dingoonity forum members Ayla and mth (Paul Cercueil and Maarten ter Huurne) are the core developers behind this project and have worked hard over the course of a couple of years to bring it out. It builds on the outstanding efforts booboo (Ignacio Garcia Perez) made in developing the legacy Dingux kernel that we’ve mostly all be using until now.

The aim of OpenDingux is to use a more modern distribution of Linux and make it easier for developers to code and port software to the platform. It’s in early days yet and a lot of the existing Dingux software needs re-compiling for the new OS, but the developers are on it and we already have some software including Picodrive, Vectrex and a new and improved GBA emulator available:


As well as all of ZX81’s emulators recompiled to run under OpenDingux. Check here for those. You can check the OpenDingux Wiki here and the official thread on the dingoonity forums here.

Go crazy!

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  1. Will opendingux be able to run current dingux applications? I’m wondering if they have to be recompiled to be optimized or if they’ll not launch unless tweeked to run on the new dingux


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