OpenDingux End User Version Is Released

I’m late on this one, but in case you missed it the first end user build of OpenDingux is now available. Check the downloads page to get yourself up to date. What’s new since the developer version? All this stuff —>


  • splash screen
  • new mininit, compatible with more SD cards
  • scheduling options tweaked to get better performance
  • configurable color table for ILI9338 (can compensate for too blue screen)
  • don’t monopolize CPU when initializing LCD controller
  • added support for V-SYNC (reduces tearing)
  • added support for more TV standards: PAL-60 and PAL-M
  • increased backlight frequency (prevents wavy backlight)
  • sound buffer size enforced to be a multiple of period size
  • easy-to-read console font


  • SDL updated to 1.2.15
  • SDL patched to support V-SYNC
  • added Python 2.7 and pygame
  • brightness setting is remembered
  • fixed issue where sound was off after shutting down with TV-out enabled
  • added menu-based TV-out configuration tool
  • added system information feature
  • added sound configuration tool (alsamixer)
  • show only graphical loading screen when loading apps
  • added htop (for developers; start via telnet)


  • upgraded GCC to version 4.7.1
  • improved default optimization: targets mips32 processor, tunes to mips32r2
  • link-time optimization (LTO) is disabled for now
  • enabled WCHAR support; this is one of the incompatibilities between legacy Dingux and OpenDingux, but it allows more software to be ported

5 thoughts on “OpenDingux End User Version Is Released”

    • I second the query. A pack with games and apps tested to work on OpenDingux, with icons and preorganized in the proper directory structure would be a HUGE time-saver. Previous toddler packs also introduced me to games I never would have sought out on my own, some of which eventually became my favorite Dingux games.


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