JXD S5100 Deluxe Edition Coming Soon To Willgoo

To say JXD borrowed elements of the design from Nintendo would be an understatement, but fair play to them – the finished product looks very slick indeed. Sporting a 5″ 800×480 capacitive touchscreen and the usual AMLogic M3 SoC that JXD seem to favour, this Android 2.3 handheld would be almost the perfect machine aside from one fact. No shoulder buttons. Boooo.

But if you’re after a hybrid tablet and gaming handheld, this thing could still be worth checking out. Head on over to the product page to look for yourself.

11 thoughts on “JXD S5100 Deluxe Edition Coming Soon To Willgoo”

  1. P.S. Having android 2.3 isn’t that bad, as most apps around are compatible with it. And the more advanced, the more weight we have on the system’s resources..

  2. Do these analog controllers are touch sensitive, like, progressive movement from walk to running style? Like the psp analog? the handheld looks very nice.

  3. I had the S5110 for about five days. I was pretty unhappy with the build quality and feel of the shell. It had big stiff buttons and an overall cheapness to it. This looks a lot nicer. Sigh…..I guess I’ll wait for version two with the double shoulder buttons “fingers crossed”

  4. My god this baby looks stylish. perfect screen size, will replace my n50 fine! not sure but do i spot a syperstylish long slim shoulder button?

  5. Jesus, just when they almost had it right with the S5110.

    Just make that strong enough to officially support Google Play, with an actual analog, and it would be perfect. Of course, improvements to the camera and such would be nice, but not necessary. Slide Nub on this one looks good though. Still not enough to replace L&R, however, especially considering that it’s running Android 2.3, which may as well have a neon sign on the device saying “This Analog isn’t Real”.

    I’m just going to wait for the 18A to upgrade to ICS, as it may support analog by then, or get whatever console they pump out next, provided they don’t copy JXD and remove buttons and features, and instead add them.

  6. Does it have a real analog yet? I sold my last JXD the week I it because of the fake capacitive screen. It seems to me if they get the configuration correct it’s going to be a matter of dumb luck. No shoulder buttons is a deal breaker for me.

    • Me too… It looks like a really lovely design, but shoulder buttons are a must.

      And I agree, the Dingoo succeeded through a combination of sheer luck on part of the manufacturers and hard work from the community. If we get another (close to) perfect handheld from China it’ll be sheer luck again. It seems strange that either they don’t listen to their Chinese buyers, or their Chinese buyers don’t value the same things in a handheld as we do.

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