What is the Dingoo A320E? Speculate Away…

Over on the Dingoonity forums markzhu520 (from dingoo.hk) has announced that yet another device is due to be released in time for Christmas. His posts are either deliberately vague or perhaps it’s a less than perfect grasp of the English language, either way details are not forthcoming. No pics, no renders, no specs, nada.

So what is it? Some people are speculating that it’ll be the exact same machine as the Gemei A330 but branded by Dingoo instead, whereas others on GBATemp have official* information that states it’ll be the same form factor as the ‘fake’ Dingoo A330 but with different hardware. Who knows, right? The way the Chinese conduct business is bizarre to say the least, we’ll probably never know until someone on this side of the planet buys one and dissects it.

*Official Dingoo info, even straight from the horses mouth is often wrong, twisted, or even just outright lies.

2 thoughts on “What is the Dingoo A320E? Speculate Away…”

  1. As far as i know, it is a stripped dingoo a-380
    no g-sensor and no wifi
    Other specs are the same.

    Dont know if it supports dingux


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