6 thoughts on “WIFI Demo On The GCW Zero”

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  2. Ok retro-gaming guys and girls I just ran across a group that are trying to bring a gaming expo to the mid-west USA.

    I don’t know alot about it other then whats on the web but the more people we get into retro-gaming and exposure to it the better IMHO.

    They have an Indie Go Go fund raiser going on to raise funds for infrastructure costs etc so check out the links to it and others who have gone.

    It also looks like they need vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors for the event so if you are one or know some please contact them about it and give them the info.

    Below you will find links to the Indie Go Go fund raiser the actual event and news clippings etc:

    Indie Go Go Fundraiser:


    Grass Roots Gaming Expo Website:


    News story on the expo from last year:


    Forum posts about last years event:


    If we can get a booth GCW plans to be there with the Zero demo’ing it and showing our support. We are also planning a release party here in Kansas City, MO but nothing is ironed out yet but will keep you posted on the event.

    Lets show the girls and guys at Grass Roots Gaming Expo
    some community support and help them reach and exceed their $2000.00 USD goal…


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