JXD S5100 Now Shipping!

Those of you patiently awaiting this rather beautiful looking tribute to the 3DS can cease f5ing, DX have both the white and black versions in stock for $106 shipped! Willgoo also now have stock on their website – take your pick!

7 thoughts on “JXD S5100 Now Shipping!”

  1. I bourght it and then returned it a complete waste. The analog stick is stiff and movment on it is gerky. Plus my analog nub spun, making it hard to move your character on screen. And let me just clear something about this device…the build and control buttons quality is crap. Accept for the d-pad which was the best thing about it. Android works slow and buggy, and using the touch controls is like sliding your finger on a brick, and expecting it to move. Emulation is good, but is let down because of the poor screen. Sorry but hardly anything positive to say on this one. 2/10

  2. Just discovered this system while shopping for the new Dingoo, but… Ugh I’m sorry but the lack of shoulder buttons is a deal breaker for me. Only thing that might be worth playing on this are NES or Sega Genesis Games.


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