The Super Retro Boy Is A Thing

The Super Retro Boy from Retro-Bit (it’s not on their site yet) is yet another reason that Nintendo should re-release the GBA. Retro Bit have done a brain fart and bundled the GBA hardware into an original Game Boy shell, whilst doing away with the shoulder buttons. The machine is lovely to look at, it’s obviously as … Read more

30 Years Of The Famicom, And A Crappy Handheld Clone For £15

July 15th 2013 marks 30 years since Nintendo released its second (or 6th, depending how you look at it) home console system, the Famicom. Without it, or perhaps more accurately, without its western world sibling – The NES – gaming today could well have ended up looking quite different. Instead of reeling off facts and interesting … Read more

Gateway 3DS Will Be The First 3DS Flashcart (Update – Q&A)


A couple of days ago news of a real 3DS Flashcart hit the GBATemp forums for the first time. Unlike the Crown 3DS (and various other rumoured 3DS carts) this one seems to be the real deal and is due to hit retailers sometime this month. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait and see exactly how this cart will function as there is a lot of confusion and possible mis-information surrounding it at present.

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The Nintendo Game Boy Advance Clone

I came across this a few months ago on DealExtreme. The Game Boy Advance was the first handheld I owned, my brother and I were driven up to Toys R Us by our Dad on the hot summer launch day back in 2001 and we parted with our hard saved cash to grab one each. I recall attempting  to play F Zero Maximum Velocity in the car on the way home and having a very hard time keeping the bright sunlight off the non-lit LCD screen.

So almost 10 years later, and with a promise of a fully working clone with a back lit screen (wooohooo) and the ability to load any GBA game I felt like I could not resist.

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