Decapping the Nintendo 3DS CPU

Not entirely fitting perhaps, but I found this article fascinating and thought I’d share it. These 2 chaps have set about attempting to deconstruct the CPU inside the 3DS. The blog article takes you from the process of physically removing the CPU from the board all the way to using sulfuric acid to remove the …

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Gateway 3DS Will Be The First 3DS Flashcart (Update – Q&A)


A couple of days ago news of a real 3DS Flashcart hit the GBATemp forums for the first time. Unlike the Crown 3DS (and various other rumoured 3DS carts) this one seems to be the real deal and is due to hit retailers sometime this month. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait and see exactly how this cart will function as there is a lot of confusion and possible mis-information surrounding it at present.

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