How To Annoy Three Tech Giants With One Product.

Behold, the Droid X360.

I’m sure they have better things to worry about, but the sheer cheek of it is amazing. As if copying the Vita casing almost perfectly wasn’t good enough, they decided to name it using a combination of two flagship products from Motorola and Microsoft as well. If it was media attention they were after it has certainly worked because the tech sites are buzzing with articles about this new handheld.

The specs are a modest affair, sporting the well known AllWinner A10, 512MB RAM, a 5″ Capacitive 800×480 screen and running Android 4.0. Interestingly though, this one looks like it has 2 “analog” sticks on it… I wonder if they both work independently?

If you want one of these and you think you can sneak it past customs without having it confiscated, head on over to Willgoo to grab yours for an equally modest $115.99.

11 thoughts on “How To Annoy Three Tech Giants With One Product.”

  1. “sneak it past customs without having it confiscated”

    You think they would have it destroyed for being a knockoff or some sort? I now watches and perfumes are destroyed here where I live if they resemble or try to imitate the major brands.. thinking of this, I’d be blown away if some Chinese brand made a device with iOS installed lol. I think this is the only thing Chinese stay away…

    • At least in England it would definitely be confiscated if it was discovered. Luckily for us our postal system and customs officers are quite inefficient so the chances of that happening are slim.

      ios is closed source, nearly impossible to put on non Apple hardware otherwise it’d certainly have happened already.

  2. if anyone gets one of these you should throw up a mini review for us! kinda seems like it’s gonna be yet another not so perfect android handheld. if only we could get ps2 and xbox emulator handhelds…

  3. Oh Gosh >_<
    Looks like a Vita, wears a name like a Microsoft product.

    "Drowiid x360" would have been even worse, mind you.

    No info about the GPU, a Mali I guess.


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