A Round Up Of K101 Images

Out of sheer boredom I decided to hunt around the Baidu forum and round up as many images as I could of the new K101 prototypes. I’m afraid I can’t really share much else to put these in context (cos I can’t read Chinese and Google Translate is terrible), apart from the dates that they were posted up. It looks like it’s probably in the final stages of development anyway. Take a look.

Edit: It might help if I explained what the K101 was (doh). It’s the K1 hardware inside a different shell, MaxZhou88 is the man behind the product and this one will have real RTC built in. Other differences to the original K1 seem to be a MiniUSB port (for charging, I guess) and a normal 3.5mm AV Out port.

From the 26th of April, a white unit with black shoulder buttons struts its stuff. Very smart indeed.

From the 28th of April, the same device hooked up to what looks like a K1 (the screen is not wide enough to be a real GBA I don’t think).

From the 30th of April, the same unit powered on and charging.

And then it seemed to go quiet until the 16th of June when we get a good look of an all white and a white/silver unit from a few sides. I preferred it with the black shoulder buttons, but wait until you see what he shows us in July.

On the 26th of June he posts up some images of the cases. I guess mass production is getting closer. I hope they don’t just go with white and/or black for the final run. I’d love to see some crazy colours…

The 4th of July and we get another front facing image of the unit powered on. It looks like there is some writing on the screen bevel, but it’s obscured by the case.

The 5th of July brings yet more images of decidedly prototype looking cases. No screen printing at all here, and you can see red light bleeding through the case over there on the right. But check the shots of the firmware, it looks like RTC is really going to be present on the K101. There’s also a bunch of screen protectors, this time without words printed on the bottom edge.

July 11th. Wow, that’s more like it. Well perhaps it’s a little too bright, but it’s fun. I really hope they make some cases with the original GBA colours. I’m bored of black and white handhelds.

And today he posted up some pics of the unit disassembled.


I’ll be sure to check back from time to time and see if there are any new images added, and of course I’ll post them here when I find them. Enjoy.

36 thoughts on “A Round Up Of K101 Images”

  1. I think I’ll buy the K101 GBA console mainly for the RTC feature which didn’t have K1, but I have a few questions before:

    – there will be any way of reading .txt files while playing roms? It would be great if you could consult the game’s guide of a game while playing it.

    – and the other question I have, how long will the battery last approximately on regular usage?

    I hope you could answer these questions before I decide to buy the new K101 GBA or not. Thanks! 😉

    • I forgot to ask if the “pre-order bundle sale” of the K101 will also include its respective AC Power Adapter Charger [EU Plug]. Thanks again

  2. @maxzhou88: if X and R are mapped to L and R, will the shoulder buttons also be L and R? Also, will X and Y be remappable?

  3. as others have said i’d LOVE to see SNES emulation on this! so far it looks amazing! any chances of there being a version with clear transparent shells? =D – also does it play normal GBA carts? will this version play GBGBC carts? that would be PERFECT!

  4. He reason to by this isn’t to play snes. If you want to do that just buy one of the many android handhelds of the gcw. The REASON…this is so attractive is it a perfect hardware clone so you can load a 32gb card with every gba game. It’s going to look better and play better than any emu. It’s also runs gba flash cards and it can pkay gba games, that’s great for games like yoshi tilt n tumble or wario twisted. This is for gba fans people who still want a really good gba experience without being limited to 2gb and using loaders on a computer. This is huge for gba lovers so I really don’t understand all this snes talk. This is not not is it ment to be a run every emulator super powerful machine so take it for what it is and stop projecting all your hopes and dreams onto the K1

    • I think everyone definitely shares your enthusiasm for the K101 and how it will offer great a great GBA experience over emulation because it is a perfect hardware clone. The talk about SNES is just because it seems somewhat unnecessary to offer X and Y buttons on a system that is meant to play GBA games (which didn’t have them).

      However, after thinking about it, Tim’s point about Turbo is a good one, and I guess it could allow you to possibly remap the shoulder buttons or have quicker savestate loading/saving.

      Regardless, the addition of the RTC to the K101 certainly is enough to make me consider waiting for this over getting the K1, even though I actually prefer the SP’s form-factor.

  5. I also am curious why it has A, B, X, and Y buttons if it is only meant to be for the K1 hardware. K1-Team, will the final version have fewer buttons? Seems silly to have to 4 face buttons for a console that only had 2 if it isn’t supporting SNES…

    • I’m guessing turbo buttons. But still, it’s hard telling what hardware can do with a community behind it, so why limit it to exactly what the GBA had? That’s what the clamshell version is for!

      • It’s perhaps worth noting too that this case is very very similar to the Gemei A330 case. They probably had molds made based on those, so bearing that in mind – the fewer modifications made the better (cheaper).

  6. Since I can see that the controlls resemle a snes controller, I’d very much appriciate if the K101 could emulate snes games extremely well. are there any plans on creating a snes emulator on the console? if so, how’s the resolution gonna go hand in hand with the console?

    I got my K1 a couple of days ago, and I’ve been very pleased with it. the nes games, however, have slight graphics issues due to the resolution, so I’d very much like to see snes run well 🙂

      • Ow, that’s a shame :<
        The XABY buttons are a bit misleading then, I guess ;p
        I think I'm gonna stick to my K1 in that case, as I like the clam shape better, and I don't mind the RTC that much, as my pokemon days are over anyway 🙂

        thanks ^^

  7. Not gonna lie, but the K101 looks very cheap. I’m also wary of the build quality of the device >.> I would like to order the K1 GBA SP console, but i’m afraid whether its safe to order from the site, and delivery time to the UK, customs etc.

    • K1GBA have already fulfilled many of their orders, they are fine. Also you very rarely (never in my history of 300+ orders from China) have to pay anything extra. They always mark a low value 🙂

    • John, I understand you. But I think you can trust us. K1gba.com is a trusted website. It is safe to order from it. For the deliver time, it is about 10-20 business days or shorter via register air mail. To help you reduce the customs fee, we will declare it a very low price. You can write to us if you still have any problem. Thanks for your understanding.

      • Can it play GB/GBC games?

        Will it have emulators built in?

        I gotta tell you – what I would LOVE to see is a GBA XL. Something like this (I like the GBA / PSP / GBmicro / Dingoo / GameGear wide-style layout) but with a BIGGER screen. Like a 4″ or 5″ screen. I know *too big* would make it all pixelly – but DSi XL/LL / 3DS XL/LL tried it.

        Just a thought.


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