PSP Emulation On Android Becomes A Reality

A reader going by the name of swaqGer recently opened my eyes to a project that I had missed up ’til today. The 3rd of November marked a momentous occasion for Android emulation fans with the release of a free and fully open source PSP emulator, called PPSSPP.

The project is obviously in very early stages at the moment with only a handful of games classed as “playable” so far, but it’s generating a fair amount of interest over on the XDA Developers forum so who knows how fast this thing could take off?

If you’re interested in giving it a go you should check out the compatibility list and be sure to choose one of the games known to be playable. Android 2.2 is the oldest version of Android supported, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some grunt in your device too. If anyone’s got an RK3066 or Amlogic MX device I’d be interested to hear from you – I can’t help picturing how absolutely sweet this would be on JXD’s upcoming S5600 and S7300 handhelds! The emulator is also available for Windows and Blackberry OS, with Linux and OSX ports coming soon.

It’s been a long time since a serious emulation breakthrough has been made for handhelds, so I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

PPSSPP on Google Play
Official Website
XDA Discussion

8 thoughts on “PSP Emulation On Android Becomes A Reality”

  1. Hope this can work with decent speed indeed on a device such as the s7300. Must say puzzle bobble has a clear lag on my mtk6577 newman n1 at this point of development..

    • I have a Newman N1 too and when I read about this some while ago, I thought it would probably work on top notch devices, so I moved on. If even the ps2 emu for pc isn’t working 100%, or even gamecube’s, then this one will take a long road to work too.. I mean, this isn’t gba or psx, this machine requires way more power than the previous hardware.

      • Yes, I guess once the more advanced games become playable you’ll need some pretty heavy duty hardware, but also bear in mind that the demo video shows a Nexus S running the currently “playable” titles… Nexus S is only a single core Cortex A8 @ 1GHZ afaik.

  2. fantastic news, would love to play Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins and LocoRoco on the JXD S5600/S7300. PSP controls are really awful and screen is too small, yay!

  3. unfortunately i dont own any of this handheld thingy . .
    but im sure of buying me as a gift for this christmas 😀
    im visiting this site everyday and im really happy to contribute sumthin’ on it .

    now now..
    just imagine playing your favorite PSP games on your handhelds >.<



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