iReadyGo Much i5 Now Available

If this quad core 5″ handheld/smartphone combo piqued your interest then you’ll like this. Willgoo just announced that they’ll be receiving stock around the 19th of September, and you can secure yourself one for a fairly reasonable $219.99. It’s a little more than some JXD equivalents, but remember that you’re also paying for GSM and 3G functionality as it also works as a fully functioning smartphone. Willgoo’s first batch is for 50 units but they’re planning to place a bigger order once they’re sold out.

Update: Now in stock!

Click the image to visit the product page.



6 thoughts on “iReadyGo Much i5 Now Available”

  1. I bought this phone and all I can say is that it’s amazing. Clearly the best alternative to the Xperia Play available. Why other companies aren’t making 5″ gaming phones I’ll never know.

  2. There needs to be a much bigger market for 5 inch android gaming devices

    Im hoping a big company will make one next year. I’d take a 5 inch archos gamepad if the specs are good…….


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