iReadyGo Much i5 Now Available

If this quad core 5″ handheld/smartphone combo piqued your interest then you’ll like this. Willgoo just announced that they’ll be receiving stock around the 19th of September, and you can secure yourself one for a fairly reasonable $219.99. It’s a little more than some JXD equivalents, but remember that you’re also paying for GSM and 3G functionality as it also works as a fully functioning smartphone. Willgoo’s first batch is for 50 units but they’re planning to place a bigger order once they’re sold out.

Update: Now in stock!

Click the image to visit the product page.



6 Replies to “iReadyGo Much i5 Now Available”

  1. Finally! a decent-performance and compact android portable console with physical navigation buttons (home back,menu). I think I finally found a replacement for my Xperia Play.

  2. I bought this phone and all I can say is that it’s amazing. Clearly the best alternative to the Xperia Play available. Why other companies aren’t making 5″ gaming phones I’ll never know.

  3. I want a review so much!

  4. There needs to be a much bigger market for 5 inch android gaming devices

    Im hoping a big company will make one next year. I’d take a 5 inch archos gamepad if the specs are good…….

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