iPega Announce Three New RK3188 Handhelds At IFA 2013



Whether or not iPega’s last handheld ever made it to market I don’t know, it’s possible that the machines being shown off at IFA in Berlin this year are a result of some fine tuning and remodelling of the older design. Will these ever make it to market either? Apparently they will, in “2 to 3 months”, but as usual there is no mention of them on the sparse looking iPega website so we’ll have to see.

So they’ve got three handhelds in the works. There’s the usual 7 inch affair which is a very common theme at the moment for some reason, a 5 inch clam shell design quite obviously inspired by the Nvidia Shield and another 5 inch design that looks like a scaled down version of the 7 inch. The only working device on show at IFA was the 7 inch, the other 2 look like empty shells at the moment – possibly still in development then.

All devices are said to run on the RK3188 with 2GB RAM, the only differences between them being the screen size and aesthetics.

Video after the break courtesy of minipcpro.

6 thoughts on “iPega Announce Three New RK3188 Handhelds At IFA 2013”

  1. The 7″ version looks simply amazing for its form factor. I love the L2/R2 triggers. I’m not sure, nor do I understand the purposes of the analog sticks being so close to the shoulder buttons, especially for the size sticks used for this gaming tablet and the general trend for these devices, but if the response for the buttons and analog sticks (as well as the key mapper software) are made well I’m interested.

    Hopefully iPega uses a better plastic past this show model – glossy black looks cheap, but I digress.

  2. iPega should’ve used the old design that looked really comfortable instead of these. If the JXD S5800 doesn’t launch though, I think I might check out the non-clamshell 5-incher.


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