Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Packs A Tegra 4, Now Available For Pre-Order


If you were looking for something like an Ouya but packing more of a punch, you’d do well to have a look at this little box of tricks from Mad Catz. Chad covered this machine a few months ago when it first showed up, and now we know a little more about it.

The Tegra 4 powered box will run on a vanilla Android 4.2.2 and will support Tegra Zone games out of the box, as well as everything from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It will come with 16GB internal memory, expandable with SDXC, Bluetooth 4, WiFi and additionally an wired Ethernet port. Unfortunately the rumours of it costing less than $100 seem to have gone out of the window, which is possibly a side effect of Mad Catz deciding to stick Nvidia’s latest and greatest Tegra 4 inside it. Pre-orders are open now for $250 and the unit is set to begin shipping on December 10th. Head over to the Mad Catz website to have a proper look.

15 thoughts on “Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Packs A Tegra 4, Now Available For Pre-Order”

  1. ouya (tegra 3) was 99$ people were complaining !!!
    Mad Catz M.O.J.O. 249$ (nvidia shield 299$) and they expecting this thing to sell well mad catz you are thinking wrong !!!
    nvidia shield has screen, (1280×720) battery, (10h 6h gaming time)
    hdmi 2.0 port, tegra 4, (4xCortex-A15 and 96 gflops of gpu power)
    so nvidia shield is better a thing, and by the way shield is portable.
    ehh that is my take on this 🙂

  2. Just because it’s also a follow-up to the same story from before, the Unu is also available for pre-order. Gaming edition is the same $249 price tag – but that is what they had projected the cost to be when they announced it. They are calling it a 3-in-1 “tablet, smart TV, and video game microconsole”. (Which could pretty much describe any phone/tablet with BlueTooth and HDMI out – but this tablet comes with a game controller and a remote control.)

  3. It’s MOJO! You either have it or not lol

    The portable aspect of, say, a shield or much, or even a tablet with a pad defeats this basically.

  4. I figured that they would end up hitting a $150 price tag. $250 is insane. This thing has got fail written all over it. It’s a shame. This thing had promise. It could’ve been boss at Xbmc, emulation, casual gaming and media apps like Netflix. Maybe I’ll I’ll be able to get one when they end up fire-selling them off.

    • The OUYA has a native XBMC app, (as well as a Plex one if you prefer) – and plenty of emulators. (My favorite app for that is RetroArch, which pretty much does all of the classic systems – and is completely free and ad-free.)

      Netflix doesn’t have a native OUYA app – but you can sideload an APK pretty easily, and it runs like a champ.

      So, basically, I guess what I am saying is, if that’s all you wanted the MOJO for – you might want to check out the OUYA.

      • I’m very familiar with the OUYA, in fact they just announced today that support for external storage is now entering a closed beta and should be available relatively soon. This was a deal-breaker for me so I’m glad that it’s coming. Still, I wanted the Mojo to be competitive and offer great hardware to those that just wanted vanilla Android on their TV. That price tag pretty much kills it. For the price, this is probably a better deal even if it’s not as powerful.

  5. $50 more gets you an nvidia shield which is pretty much a portable MOJO and is more useful, AND you can hook the shield up to hdmi just like the mojo

    Im not hating on the console itself,just the PRICE, this is priced so close to the shield and the wii u it’s not even funny

    • I agree. I’m not sure what market they are shooting for with this. The Ouya is less than half the price – so is the (Japanese only at this point) PS Vita TV, and the GameStik… And a few hundred generic Android sticks with bluetooth so you can pair it with a controller.

      You can buy current gen consoles for less (PS3, Xbox 360) – or a Wii (not U) for about half.

      MadCatz should know that – they work with current gen consoles all the time.

      My only thought is if they are going to try to (laughably) suggest it is competing against the PS4 and the Xbox One. If you look at those two consoles as its only competition, then the price doesn’t look as insane. It still looks crazy, just not as badly.

      If they had stuck to their $99 price, it would have been reasonable. Even $149… but not $249.

      • That’s the price M.O.J.O. should pay for openess of console – Mad Catz isn’t going to receive any profit from apps, only from hardware… so everyone who laments over “closed appstore” of OUYA/GameStick and asking “why I can’t play games from Google Market or opk” should start thinking maturely.

        • I understand this and it’s why I assumed that it would be a good 50% more than the OUYA. Even $169 might have been doable for people who really preferred Mad Catz’ approach. A 150% difference is just too high. I don’t see a market for this at that price point.

          As for OUYA, I’m probably in the minority. When it comes to gaming on a TV with a real gamepad, a closed app store is really the only solution. Cellphone and tablet games are mostly not designed to be played like this. If OUYA can build a big enough ecosystem for these kinds of games before anyone else does, they will have won the micro-console war … unless Apple gets in on the action.

        • But you can play Play Store (formerly Google Market) games on the OUYA – Amazon AppStore games, too. In fact, you can sideload apks from any source. (It does take a little work to get the Play Store installed, but the Amazon AppStore is pretty cut and dry. I haven’t personally installed the Play Store, but I have Amazon.)

          Now not all of them will work, because they might not be set up for a controller, or they may need more power, or they may do the weird separate download thing that a lot of GameLoft games do. But from what I’ve read, there are work arounds even for that.

          And the Ouya is pre-rooted, and it doesn’t take any hacking to sideload apps.

          • I know, I means that one of main points of OUYA/GameStick criticism is that user cannot install games directly from Google Play Market and cannot run opk WITHOUT some (even trivial but) tricks AND right from the box. Common people would like to buy a cheap TV hardware that will play their favourite mobile games in a minute after unpacking. Some naive persons thinks OUYA Inc./PlayJam just greedy corporations and in fact those critics just don’t understand thay consumers either will pay for hardware or for software/services.
            You cannot get a real micro-console from a startup/market-new company even at OUYA’s price (not to mention GameStick’s $79) with acceptable specs and wireless gamepad (standalone price for which begins from $25) AND with free access to conventional stores. Only Google can afford that, because Google already maintains largest Android store. (Amazon’s rumoured console is more likely to follow OUYA/GameStick way because of tight integration with Amazon services.)
            So I understand and accept M.O.J.O. price, in fact, I predicted $250 retail price for M.O.J.O. right from beginning, when Tegra 4 was proposed as heart of the console.
            And I won’t buy it. As I said more than month ago: Shield is a winner over M.O.J.O. price.

          • I bought an Android TV stick for $40 back in April with slightly better specs than the Gamestick, and it works fine with my third-party wireless PS3 controller that cost me $18. A quad-core version of my TV stick that benchmarks better than Ouya is available now for $70.

            Other than perhaps with a prepaid phone or launch-day console, you are not saving any money by going with a closed device. Their closed business model is being used to reimburse their investors (not Kickstarter investors who get no equity, but their “real” investors) for all the R&D that goes into their proprietary Android modifications.

            What made the Mojo expensive was going with the Tegra 4, which is more powerful and far more expensive than any of the chipsets in the devices I mentioned above.

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