Yinlips To Release “Low Power” 5 Inch Handheld

Yinlips YDPG18D
Yinlips YDPG18D

It’s been a while since we heard anything from Yinlips, and even longer since they released anything worth getting excited about. Whether or not their newest addition changes that probably depends a lot on your priorities in a handheld.

The RK3168 is RockChip’s answer to all those people who clamour for longer battery life in their gadgets, sporting just two 1.2Ghz cores it is said to be able to play 1080p videos at half brightness whilst only consuming roughly 280mA at 3.8V. RockChip Vice President Chen Feng boasts that this equates to roughly 10 hours of 1080p video off a 3100mAh battery. The SoC is built on a 28nm process just like the RK3188, but uses the PowerVR SGX540 instead of the quad core Mali400 GPU – and it is this RK3168 that Yinlips decided to use in their YPDG18D


A battery-less RK3168 hooked up to a mains power source displaying consumption.
A battery-less RK3168 hooked up to a mains power source displaying power consumption.

Aside from the obvious downside in that this CPU performs slightly worse than last year’s RK3066, its low cost and power sipping qualities make it ideal for cheap tablets. But how will this translate into gaming machines? Apparently scoring a meagre 8653 in the Antutu benchmark, I’m not ever so keen to be the first to find out.

Never the less, if you’re interested then click through to the Yinlips website for more specs and photographs.

Thanks to reader ‘help’ for pointing this one out 🙂


5 thoughts on “Yinlips To Release “Low Power” 5 Inch Handheld”

  1. My dream handheld is literally a quad core 2gb 5 inch android tablet with similar design to the ps vita

    why is this so hard to make?

  2. Good res for retro games. Anyone know lately if Yinlips are good for fighting games? My GCW’s dpad kinda sucks. The team went ahead and altered the dpad by sniping off some plastic to fix the sticking issue, but now the dpad feels like crap and all directions are inconsistent to each other. Really lazy fix.

    • I thought they were having a whole new dpad cast? You should be getting a real moulded (ie not butchered with a knife) dpad in the post shouldn’t you? I can’t believe they haven’t already sorted this :/

      As far as Yinlips controls go, I’m afraid their dpads are usually lame and this one looks no different. 4 buttons seperate beneath the casing, unconnected from one another. Some people never learn.

      • Thanks OH. I’ll stay clear of Yinlips. I’m tired of waiting years/decades for a good emulator type handheld. I swear if I had a 3D printer it would make swapping parts a whole lot easier. You can shape the casing to handle any dpad you want, buttons any size and use any rubber button contacts you need. Just gotta gut a handheld/phone to do it, lol. Oh and drop lots of cash for a 3D printer.


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