New Nintendo Style Controllers Now Available From 8BITDO

Following on from the NES30 and FC30 controllers of last year, 8BITDO have now also produced some SNES and Super Famicom style controllers which I must say, ignoring the image on the box, look very pleasingly authentic. They are both bluetooth controllers compatible with Android, iOS, OSX and Windows and are firmware updateable from the official site.

The cheapest I’ve managed to find for these are at Both versions come in at $32.45 shipped and you can find them by clicking the images below (affiliate links are included, feel free to delete them if you want to).

box snes30boxAs well as these classic styles, 8BITDO have done a bit of their own design in the form of the FC30 PRO and NES30 PRO. These controllers borrow some of the colour scheme from the original controllers, but add analogue sticks for use with more modern games.


Willgoo are currently carrying both the NES30 PRO and the FC30 PRO for $49.99. They can be had for a little cheaper on and too.


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