The GPD XD Moves From Rumour To Reality

Two days ago I was scouring Baidu for new images and info on GPD’s new clamshell device, the XD, and came up short. Today however, the device has been confirmed and is scheduled to start shipping towards the end of next month.


Modelled almost down to the millimetre after the 3DS XL, this RK3288 clamshell handheld looks set to follow in the footsteps of their 2014 G5A as the go to device for budget Android gaming. It has to be said that it was the work of tincore and skelton and their custom ROMs and keymapper that really allowed the G5A to shine, so it’s with a little trepidation that I make that prediction. It doesn’t look as though they’re on board for the same level of support this time around, so it may be up to GPD to make sure they can deliver on the software front.

The XD initially comes in a 16GB variant, with a 32GB version planned for later release. It houses a five inch 720p display, 2GB of RAM and a sizeable 6000mAH cell. The RK3288 was RockChip’s flagship SoC last year, and boasts a quad core cortex A12 processor capable of up to 1.8GHz per core. With the right Android build, there is very little this bundle of joy won’t be capable of.


It’s a shame that GPD didn’t do something with that wide open space between the controls, but the machine comes with no shortage of buttons for navigation and emulation.


The device comes in grey and blue, and is available to pre-order at Willgoo for $160. It seems a little pricey to me, but if they managed to pull off decent hardware with a solid Android port then it may very well be worth the asking price.


Specs from the manufacturer:

CPU: Rockchip RK3288 Quad Core
Process: 28nm HKMG
GPU: ARM Mali T764 600MHz
GPU Memory: Shared
Power Management: Japan’s Ricoh
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz)
Bluetooth: No
OS: Android 4.4.4
Storage: Built-in 16GB. Supports 128GB Micro SD card
Screen size: H-IPS 5″ Capacitive. Resolution: 1280×720
Sensor: Gravity Sensor
Built-in microphone
Dolby sound supported
HDMI 2.0
Webcam: No
Battery: 3.8V 6000mAH 22.8Wh
Power adapter: 110V-240V
Product Size: 155x89x24mm
Weight: 300g
Color: Black or Blue

GPD-XD-10_01Head over to Willgoo if you want to get your pre-order in, and thanks again to Adrian for sending this in.

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23 thoughts on “The GPD XD Moves From Rumour To Reality”

  1. If this had a second screen, it would be worth considering. You can’t really play DS games without a second touch screen.

    • You know, something like this. Just rearranged the buttons a bit, inserted a 3.5 inch touchscreen. Had they done it like that, I would have bought it without a second thought.


      • Cool concept! I see several problems[leaving out Nintendo’s possible/probable objections]. Programing an AOSP rom to support a simultaneously displayed second screen is problematic[though it has been done before] and will take a serious investment from GPD for a market sector that is slowing. Next, what would you do with it besides emulation? Soft-keyboard seems logical, purpose programed media controls also seem logical. But again this would require a serious investment on the part of GPD. App specific menu’s and controls would also require third party support. What else would you do with it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea! Just needs a ton of work and support to be useful, not that such has ever stopped anyone…

        • Well… emulation would be it’s main purpose of course. Other than that, there are a number of things for which it could be useful (watching a video on one screen and browsing with the other, display the keyboard only on the second screen etc.) albeit, as you say, their implementation would be difficult to achieve in some cases.

          If just used for emulation, it could be detected as an external screen. The main DS emulator on Android, DraStic, has support for a second screen (over Wifi or cable).

  2. I’ve never owned a GPD handheld before. Should we be worried about the plastic used for the hinge/hinge design? Or is GPD known for using quality materials? I have a couple JXD devices (s602 and s7800) and they’re of good quality, though not as good as the Caanoo.

    • I’ve only owned the G5A before, and whilst it had no hinge it was well built. I think most would agree that GPD stuff is of a better quality than JXD. I could have easily twisted the JXD S7300 in half with my bare hands! 😀

      • I would disagree. I’ve owned both GPD and JXD. The S5800, S7300 & S7800 series are very well built. Likewise, the G7 and Q88 are also well built. The XD looks like it has an equally well done design, if not better.

  3. It seems like a really cool device, but I already have a Shield Portable. Considering the fact that this doesn’t seem to be more powerful than the Shield, I have no reason to get it.
    If they can use this shell for an XD2 with Rockchip’s newest chip like how the Q9 uses the Q88’s shell, I’d probably get one of that.

  4. I am actually very excited for this little beast. My biggest beef with my current handhelds is that they can not play my favorite legacy titles. The 3DS has the capability to play GBA games…but won’t sell them ( Boktai collection? yes please) The Vita does one better and offers PS1 and PSP titles…but where is my Metal Gear Ac!d….or Flatout Head On…or Tony Hawk? Well this little sucker looks to not only fill that gap, but give me the ability to play the handheld Dead Space I have always wanted…with buttons! Same with other console to android ports…”well you could have that with a lot of android systems” you say. Yes but this is the first time I can do it with the superior clamshell design that has always been my absolute favorite. So excited for this.

    • Not true. I depends greatly on the rom. GPD has never had sound “lag” on the devices I’ve owned which also had/have 4.4.4. And 4.4.4 has the better UI. I personally can’t stand 5.+. And for the same reason as Windows 8. All the flat, pastel and simple looking UI elements look like a 5 year old drew them. 4.4.4 doesn’t have any severe security problems a the few it has can be solved by rooting and firewalling your device.

      • hmm.. are u sure about sound lag ? usually GBA emulation is worst under 4.4.4. I can see/hear sound lag in (any) GBA castlevania game in any 4.4.4 android device(galaxy G4, some JXD device). but my Galaxy S5 with 5.01 does not have that lag at all. Even I don’t own any GPD device but it is hard to believe that it is different from other Android device.
        anyway, I am looking for ANY portable android 5.0 device with gamepad. So far there is non from Chinese device.

        • Out of curiosity, just tested a few GBA games, including Castlevania AOS, on my S7800B and G7. No sound lag. It really does depend on the distro of Android you’re running, more specifically, the sound driver used for the device in question. Chinese phone? Sure you can expect synch issues from a few of the cheaper brands, but the gamepad makers go out of their way to make sure issues like that don’t happen. Most of them are trying to make/keep a name for themselves, especially GPD, JXD and iPega. Rest easy, the XD is going to be bad-freaken-a!

          • Oh, forgot to mention, both of those devices are running 4.4. The S7800B is running Riley’s Rooted version of JXD’s updated 4.4.4 stock rom. The G7 is running also running Riley’s version of GPD’s 4.4.2 stock rom, with a few nice tweaks. Neither one have any issues at all.

  5. Looks pretty cool. I agree that they missed the opportunity to do something more with the bottom half (a keyboard would have been nice — or at least some media controls: Play, Pause, FF, Rewind, etc.). But I am a huge fan of the Clamshell. It seems really odd that there’s no Bluetooth. Especially when they promote the “Play on the big screen” video out feature. No 2 player games I guess.

  6. Shame. A small keyboard similar to what used to be found on slider style cellphones would have been awesome to have in that open space there.


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