GPD XD Now Shipping, Lowest Price Now At GearBest! UPDATE: Read Comments First.

During my usual Sunday morning perusal of the China web stores I noticed that one of my favourite shops is now shipping the GPD XD, and what’s more they have the cheapest price I’ve seen for the 32GB model in both Blue and Black.

Gearbest are now shipping the 32GB model for $141.09. Click the image below to check ’em out.

Read the comments. The price has gone up, and they are now saying shipping starts mid September. Sorry about that :/



17 thoughts on “GPD XD Now Shipping, Lowest Price Now At GearBest! UPDATE: Read Comments First.”

  1. My friend got this. Took forever to ship. Not sure if the situation has improved now. There’s a bug that happens occasionally – a high pitched tone from the speakers. He’s workin on it. Aside from that it’s pretty beast. HW controls are good, battery life is not bad, launcher is pretty good

  2. Every site I look at says Presale Including Gearbest. Also the price is no longer 141.09. SAys not shipping until sept 20th 🙁

    • I bought it for like $135 and then today they just refunded me and canceled my order! I sent in a support message, but I’m pissed. I got a great deal on a blue 32gb and now it might be gone!

      • What a bunch of miserable sods! I’m really sorry that they’d do that. I’ve only had good experiences with them in the past but this is below the belt…

    • It does say ships in 3-5 days which is normal for them in my experience. Might be worth opening a ticket and asking them though.

  3. I preordered this from willgoo a few weeks ago. I hope it arrives soon! In my experience, shipping from China sometimes takes more than a week. Can’t wait!

  4. but are they actually shipping? Or is this also still a presale??

    I ordered my 16 GB black at geekbuying for €127 back in june and really want it by now…

    • In my experience with GB, if the item says it is in stock then it really is. They have a seperate section for presale items so I would say they really have them ready to ship now. But who knows, if I had the cash I’d order one and find out.

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