Out Of Nowhere Comes PGSLab


Past experience of companies materialising out of nowhere and promising a machine that seems too good to be true should tell us this – Don’t get too excited about the handheld that PGSLabs have recently announced. If you think back to the $10 nD, the Panasonic Jungle or more recently the Smach Z then you’ll know it’s not unusual for systems such as these to simply fade into the ether.

Alarm bells immediately begin to ring with PGSLab’s PGS when you take into consideration a few points. Firstly, no-one has ever heard of these guys before. They’ve literally appeared from nowhere. Secondly, what they’re promising seems too good to be true given the $250 price point (even if that is for a Basic model). And thirdly, there is no working prototype available to show.

However, there are some more reassuring signs from this company too. Firstly, they’re not crowd funding this device – it will be funded solely by investors. Secondly, they’re actually engaging with the communities over at Dingoonity and the Pandora forums. And lastly they at least seem to know what they’re talking about.

The PGS is going to be a dual screen, dual boot Win10 and Android handheld and the basic model is supposedly going to cost $250. It will work on a sliding mechanism plus hinge, similar to the Nokia N900, but it will not have a physical keyboard on the bottom layer. The hardware is more powerful than the hardware in its closest competitor, the GPD Win, housing an Intel x7-Z8750 compared to the x5-Z8550 inside the GPD Win. In fact one of the developers got in contact with vcoleiro1 on the dingoonity forums and made this comparison between their device and the GPD Win.

GPD – is pretty well-proven team of developers of gaming systems. Although GPD WIN their first device on Windows, we have no doubt in their success. But unfortunately, in real-world gaming tests with a single-channel memory z8500 almost twice slower than z8750 with dual-channel memory. We wish them luck and hope that they will reconsider their choice about 8500.

The PGS is planned to come in 2 variants initially, a Lite version and a Hardcore version.


The developer also mentioned a little about the team, and did make reference to the fact that they’re still in their formative period.

Details about the PGS team, we can tell you later, because the team is still in the process of formation. But now I can say that every member of the team is a fan of portable gaming systems and a highly qualified specialist of his field. Our multilingual team has Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians and Indians. Among them, engineers, IT specialists, programmers, etc.
We very much want the community understands – we realy want to do the best thing in the portable gaming world. Quality materials, quality device. From portable gamers for portable gamers.

Pre-orders are not yet available, and given that physical prototypes are still not ready then this is a good thing. Working prototypes are said to be available around July time, and the finished product available later in the year.

For more info you can check their site and watch this highly cringeworthy video they posted on Youtube.

Thanks to shizain, Alberto and Victor for sending this in!


7 thoughts on “Out Of Nowhere Comes PGSLab”

  1. I would pay sooooo much money for this if it ever happens. It’s the xperia play 2 I’ve always dreamed of. And windows 10 dual boot? Take all my money.

  2. cringy vid is cringy alright.
    when they posted that vid, people over dingoonity lost their shits and the “i call scam sham” rate went to 100%
    then PGS came explaining that the pv was almost 2years ago, that calmed them down. lol
    tho they listed some of their stretch goals for this device: http://i.imgur.com/gmswrrL.png
    or more info here: http://tinyurl.com/hr8oph7
    IMO, they are spending too much effort for this project to be called a scam.

    lets just all hope they can deliver what they promises.

  3. Yah, that Youtube vid was bad. The audio sync was way off. But if it’s real and has Android 6 as well, I’m all in! Just Windows 10 alone? Pass…

  4. Actually the base model is supposed to be $200-220 while the Pro model is intended to be $250.
    Even so, I really hope this is real and I hope devices like this and Win can be successful. The Pyra as well, but I dont see that being as successful as the Win, at least not until they at least get an x86 CPU board made.
    But yeah, if these Gaming UMPCs can become popular I hope Panasonic can revive their Jungle handheld (with Windows 10 and Linux dual boot) as I think it looks nice despite being a little bulky. Actually, not just Panasonic, but I hope other Haoanese companies can join in, too. Japan used to be at the forefront of gaming innovations, especially handhelds but it’s weird to see no one ghere has bothered to make a gaming UMPC. If the Chinese and Russians and Germans can do it, so can the Japanese.

    • Sounds better than the GPDWIN thing. Better specs, lower price. Who knows if it’s real or a scam though…

    • Not a Windows 10 fan. Android 6? All right! Now your talkin’! I really wish someone would do a 6.5″ or 7″ version of one of these.


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