GPD WIN – First Prototype Video Emerges

It seems GPD are more or less on track according to the timeline they posted when the Indiegogo project went live. We’re now in June and GPD have at least one working prototype unit made.


The video below was posted on Youku and Youtube today, and it shows a working prototype unit playing what I believe to be Asphalt 8: Airborne (correct me if I’m wrong). The framerate leaves a little to be desired, whether this is indicative of the performance we’ll get when it’s released is yet unknown.

It’s also worth noting at GearBest have this thing listed on their site, though it’s only available for customers to register their interest for as yet. Interestingly the touted price is $330, far below what GPD claimed the retail cost would be after the crowd funding had finished. Who didn’t see that one coming? 😛

Click the image to go and register your interest, if indeed you are interested.



I just noticed that it’s actually available for pre-order over at GeekBuying. The estimated ship date is September this year, so if you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign for any reason but still want to bag one then check it out.



Devil May Cry video

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  1. from the videos im almost sure both games are at “high” graphic setting, maybe we could get smooth 60fps on “low” or “medium” setting. there are youtube videos on games running on atom Z8500 with way better performance.


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