The Digi RetroBoy May Or May Not Be A Thing

Early last year I discovered a Hong Kong website showing off images of what appears to be another GBA hardware clone.

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The translation on implies that it was due to be out at the end of last year, but then radio silence until last December when a website called was registered. The digiretro site has no real images of the device, but a plethora of beautiful renders instead.

Looking at the specs, it appears that this could be the K1 hardware or at the very least a clone of the K1 hardware. I am almost certain that it uses the exact same LCD as the K101, K101+ and Retrogame RS-97 due to the weird as hell pixel grid and resulting resolution.


Size of LCD: 3.0” display
Pixel resolution: 960(320×3)x480
No. color of LCD: 16 Million color
5 Levels brightness

It seems to run on the equivalent of a K-Card and can play real GBA cartridges too. The design of the machine is a sort of hybrid of the GB Micro (check the shoulder buttons) and one of Nintendo’s far older Game and Watch devices, which has a screen that protrudes a few mm from the front of the shell. All in all it’s a beautiful looking thing and I hope it does get released, I emailed both contacts at digiretro the other day but haven’t heard anything back from them yet.


6 thoughts on “The Digi RetroBoy May Or May Not Be A Thing”

  1. It reminds me of some Gameboy render I saw a while back that some student done for course work.
    I’d buy one though if not stupidly priced

  2. Looks cool. But the first thing I thought was this was one of those “GBA Macro” mods of a DS Lite. Basically the modder breaks off the top screen and makes the case look nice with the top half missing. (There’s probably more to it than that, but that’s the gist of what they are doing.) The end result looks very similar to this.


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