The RetroMax is a Stop Gap – RetroPlus Coming Soon

Nobody panic! The RetroMax is not the successor to the RetroMini after all.

We earlier reported that the RetroMax was listed on (it has since been removed) and Aliexpress, and knowing that a sequel to the RetroMini was due anytime soon we assumed that the RetroMax was it. This is thankfully not correct, here’s the official word on what’s happening.

The team behind the original RetroMini are working with Data Frog to bring a successor, with a view to making some improvements over the original device. A larger shell with bigger screen, more ergonomic controls and better software & emulation as the main goals.

Their shell is finished and ready to go, and this is the shell you’re seeing being used for the RetroMax. The RetroPlus however will have a totally different and very nostalgic colour (no spoilers!). The current hold up is apparently the software, bugs are being ironed out to bring a more stable and capable device to market.

So why the RetroMax? Data Frog wanted to release a machine to fill the gap until the RetroPlus is ready. The staff at were offering pre-orders of this device, but cancelled them when they realised that the machine came with preloaded ROMs. From here on out, their devices will not contain any ROMs – for obvious reasons.

The RetroMax is available on Aliexpress however, and the reason it has 4 face buttons and shoulder buttons is that we’ll be seeing the shell again soon – in the form of the RetroPlus.

It all sounds like a bit of a mess, but it also kind of makes sense from a business stand point – as long as they make a little money from the RetroMax in the mean time.

More to come when info on the RetroPlus emerges.

13 thoughts on “The RetroMax is a Stop Gap – RetroPlus Coming Soon”

  1. I am impatient, I have been waiting for some news of the “retromini 2/ retroplus”. As soon as I leave I intend to buy one. You knew something of how the project is going? Some date? I spoke some of May I seem to remember.

    • It’s the weirdest micro SD card I’ve ever seen. It’s like a piece of cardboard with some metal pins at the end. I stuck it in my PC but it couldn’t read it, but you’re right – it won’t boot without it.

      • Maybe it’s not an SD card at all, and it’s just using the pins for bridging (sorta like the N64’s Jumper Pak).

  2. My retromax arrived in my country, this week I should come home but reading this, I don’t know. I look forward to the Retro Plus. I hope you’ll live up to my New Bittboy.

  3. Just got my RetroMax in the mail and it’s an absolute piece of garbage!! Funny that I’m ready this story now and feel like I’ve been scammed that they even sold and sent this thing to me. I have a retro mini as well and although it’s a bit rough around the edges too at least it had a front end interface to it and ran the games reasonably well. The RetroMax just has a list of games while it loops some horrible music in the background. Has zero settings and NO SAVE STATES! Oh and it runs a lot of the games at like 1/2 speed. Games are a mixed bag of NES and hacked variations. Junk! Crazy that they even decided to sell this thing in the state it’s in and then take it off the site. 🙁

    • If it’s any consolation, I have one on the way too. It might end up being my first Pi Zero project, we shall see.


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