RetroMini 2.0 vs RetroMini Shell

Now that we know the RetroPlus (aka RetroMini 2.0) will be sharing the same shell as the cheapo Famiclone RetroMax, I thought it’d be an idea to compare it to the original RetroMini and see how they differ.

The new shell is better than that of the OG RetroMini in every aspect. A larger 3.0″ screen as well as a larger overall shell, redesigned shoulder buttons and an increase from 2 to 4 face buttons makes it very comfortable to hold and to use.

It feels like a higher quality mold to the RetroGame RS-97 with no burrs or sharp edges to be seen. This could be the best portrait mode original handheld shell we’ve had so far. Have a look at some pics.

I would not recommend picking up the RetroMax as a games machine, it runs a generic 188 in 1 Famiclone chip and even then it can’t emulate all the games properly. However, it would make an excellent shell for a Raspberry Pi project, since it can be had for around £10 shipped from Aliexpress.

For now, I’m waiting to see what the RetroPlus offers.

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    • i messaged the manufacturers a few days ago and they were annoyed that i even knew of its existence. i couldn’t get a release date out of them. recently they added new shell colours for the retromax inlcuding the “very nostalgic” colour of the retroplus so i would guess it’ll be in the next month or so.

  1. I really hope that the plus version can handle emulation well. the form factor is great. also hope that the buttons aren’t too mushy.


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