The RG300 Gets The IPS Screen That It Deserves

In my review of the RG300 I was mildly critical of the TFT panel that they used. For a JZ4760B handheld it was perfect in almost every way apart from the lack lustre screen. A few weeks later there was a new version released with a slightly better panel, but it wasn’t really worth the upgrade. But now there is a yet another new version available and this time it contains an IPS panel, making the RG300 the absolute best JZ4760B handheld available in my opinion.

The new improved RG300 is available from AliExpress.

15 thoughts on “The RG300 Gets The IPS Screen That It Deserves”

  1. What’s the right firmware for the RG300 IPS? I’m very confused. If the stock firmware is the best, how do I get an SNES emulator that can take PAR codes?

  2. BTW it’s very easy to do a simple mod and use RG300 with e.x. Samsung Galaxy S2 batteries 🙂
    Just one piece of plastic must be cut off.

  3. I bought this version but the box seems completely the same and there are no texts or labels indicating it has IPS screen, I hope the device itself has it otherwise Ill have to return it -_-

  4. Man…I just bought the normal RG300 a few days ago. I;ve have waited for this IPS version if I knew it’s coming. What the…

      • Just ordered this IPS one… as I really like this form factor. But I don’t like these Chinese companies making new products (or in this case, some minor changes) every one or two months. So annoying…


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