How Does The Anbernic RG505 Fare Against Retroid’s New Handheld?

Hot on the heels of Retroid’s newest machine comes the Anbernic RG505. Both manufacturers have chosen the same SoC this time around, and the end results are two very similar handhelds. Despite this, there are some differences between the consoles, let’s take a look.


If 2x integer scaling for PSP is a must for you, then Anbernic’s machine is the one. The Anbernic RG505 also contains the same OLED panel as the PS Vita, which is far less power hungry than an LCD equivalent. OLEDs in general have excellent contrast, vivid colours and are able to display deep blacks, the PS Vita OLED was no exception.

Anbernic RG505 in Turquoise Plastic

However it is an old panel, assuming they are actually using the same SKU, and the Vita was not as bright as modern day OLEDs.

The RG505 also has a larger battery than the 3 Plus by 500mAh and runs Android 12 compared to Android 11. I have no doubt that the pricing of the RG505 was in part decided by the price of Retroid’s console, and assuming Anbernic’s usual build quality I think they’ve done well with the price point this time.


Whilst the RG505 seems to have it beat on some fronts, the RP3+ has some tricks up its sleeve. Its higher resolution panel is going to look nicer for non-integer scaled systems, and at an advertised 450nits it is a lot brighter than the PS Vita’s OLED panel.

The Anbernic RG505 apparently won’t ship with any Google Play Services, so the Play Store won’t be present on the stock OS. Of course it is probably possible to get it working with some tinkering, but the RP3+ comes with these features already installed as stock. As well as that, you’ll get Retroid’s excellent launcher pre-installed.

The console is also slightly smaller and almost 50g lighter than the Anbernic RG505, but its screen is ~0.3″ smaller than the RG505 too. Retroid’s console also has stacked shoulder buttons unlike the RG505, which is preferable for most people and may account for the official specs saying it’s it’s a few mm thicker than the RG505.

RP3+ on top, grey RG505 behind

The base price is also lower, however current promotions will affect this and certain stores may or may not label the parcel such that it incurs tax on import.


Retroid Pocket 3+Anbernic RG505
CPUUnisoc T618Unisoc T618
Internal Storage128GB eMMC128GB eMMC
WiFi2.4 / 5 Ghz2.4 / 5 Ghz
OSAndroid 11Android 12
Stated Battery Life?8 Hours
HDMI Output 720pN/A
Screen Res1334*750960*544
Screen TechIPS?OLED
Screen Size4.7"4.95"
Screen nits450~150
Base Price$149.00$157.99

The RG505 goes on pre-order today and is available in grey, turquoise and yellow. There’s a small discount available on the official store if you order in the next 12 days, and a $10 coupon at Aliexpress too.

Be aware that shipping incurs extra tax if you’re in the UK (possibly in some US states too) and shipping is extra. Check both stores to see which is cheapest for you. For me in the UK it’s a grand total of $191 shipped, which is too much. I miss the days when we paid no tax at Aliexpress 🙁

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8 thoughts on “How Does The Anbernic RG505 Fare Against Retroid’s New Handheld?”

  1. Is the screen brightness configurable somewhere (even in .cfg)? I’m curious if the OLED brightness is due to a battery-saving setting or an actual limitation of the particular screen.

  2. My issue with Anbernic is mostly this – hard to reach shoulder buttons, OLED panel is nice but it’s minimal brightness is too high to play comfortably at night, no Google Play Store. Anbernic makes devices with solid hardware, but it’s software support is usually pretty bad. Most fixes comes from community. I thought Retroid would be same as Anbernic, but they actually support their devices and they constantly release updates and fixes. I love my RG350M but this time I pre-ordered RP3+.

  3. The RG505 looks like the better retro system, mainly OLED, better android, better battery and price is comparable, but the colors on the RG505 are unfortunate.

    • No way, the RP3+ has by far the superior screen, support and features out of the box. Even if this is a winner by Anbernic, they’ve got a long way to go to rebuild the trust they’ve lost over the last few years.

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