Dingoo A380 Runs Linux After All…

If you listen carefully you should be able to hear the sound of me furiously chewing away on my hat. According to outsiderjohnson and Zear on the Dingoonity forums, the new Dingoo Technologies A380 is running Linux, and they have evidence to support it.

Check this:

So just for the hell of it, I downloaded Snes9x for the A320, and put it on the Dingoo and tried to run it. I renamed it snex9c.dge and placed it in plug-ins folder, and tried to run it in file browser but nothing happened.

I then renamed the original SNES emulator sfc_emu.dge to sfcold.dge2 and renamed SNEX9C to sfc_emu.dge and went into the menu system and tried to run a SNES game, the system locked up, but lo and behold I heard the music playing for the SNES game, but was still forced to look at the menu screen.

So A320 Apps APPEAR to work, they just need to be tweaked I’d suppose for the correct display.

And this, from Zear:

From the quick look at the firmware files, i can say the following:

* the system A380 is running is Linux (./uImage_oob: u-boot legacy uImage, Linux-, Linux/MIPS, OS Kernel Image (gzip), 1183771 bytes, Wed Apr  6 11:55:42 2011, Load Address: 0x80010000, Entry Point: 0x801EAF80, Header CRC: 0xF59EBB75, Data CRC: 0x652E5F56)

* the menu system is (most likely) based on dmenu. Or at least I can find dmenu config files inside

* the rootfs is filled with GPLed stuff, like emulators and applications developed for Dingux by Joyrider, Sience, Darfgarf and Slaanesh, among the others

* they didn’t even bother to change the readme or config files, I can find copies of the GPL license from the emulator directories, along with the names of our scene members involved in the porting process to DA320

Good news, no source code though.

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