Another Knockoff GBA To Add To The Pile.

I don’t know what it is with the GBA and grey market Chinese manufacturers, they just seem to love copying it in as many ways as they can. Maybe they love it as much as some of us do, I have some deeply nostalgic memories of my first generation GBA, and seeing strange reincarnations of it still cropping up 10 years later brings a happy smile to my face.

I am aware that there are a thousand GBA SP knockoffs out there already, but I think this is the first to incorporate a Micro SD slot and a TV output. I could be wrong on that so don’t hold me to it.

Here’s the spec copied from DX:

– 3.0″ LCD screen
– Portable game console MP3/MP4 multimedia player
– Supports TF card up to max. 32GB
– Built-in 2GB flash memory & Games
– Supports audio format: MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC etc.
– Supports video format: MKV/AVI/MP4
– Supports TV-Output
– Supports GPSI games
– Built-in “direct deposit” technology
– Built-in “clock” system to support seamless game clock
– Built-in “instant archiving” system limits exceeded the original system can be stored in a
dynamic game progress at any time
– Built-in “soft reset out of the game” the system can not only facilitate the rapid
replacement of the game, and to maximize the protection of the host
– Built-in multi-language version of “interactive graphics” boot menu
– Built-in AGS-003 3.7~3.8V lithium battery
– Package includes:
– 1 x Game console
– 1 x Data Cable
– 1 x AV cable
– 1 x Power adapter (AC 100~240V)

Some of those bullet points are a bit ambiguous, but that’s half the fun ain’t it? Well I couldn’t resist anyway, so I’ll be sure to write up a review when it’s completed its long journey from the DX warehouse to England. In case you’re interested, they have 3 colours in stock, silver, black and blue.

20 thoughts on “Another Knockoff GBA To Add To The Pile.”

  1. Hey, still dont get the handheld?

    I saw it runs nes games, gba games an cps1 games… so if can load some personalized romset (i mean your own collection) it will be very cool…

    • Hi Rigo,

      I did receive it a while ago and have had a play with it. It’s a JZ4750 device with 16MB of RAM. Onboard emulators are GBA and CPS1. The NES games run in an emulator within the GBA emulator.

      I was going to do a full review, but I thought I’d leave it a while. In the coming weeks I may have something rather a lot more interesting to review. I thought I might do a comparison between “run of the mill” GBA clones like this, and the device I’m hoping to receive in the near future.

  2. I think that is same machine like gamebox, only portable. Producer is same, only software is different it don`t play CPS1 and CPS2 yet.

  3. Ha, this is just another MP5 emulators out there..:-) No matter it is a Jz45xx CPU (MIPS) or Chinachip CC1600/1800, something else or Actions MIPS chip, they all run on the same emulators. The reason why they want to copy these things is simply “market”.. They are still billions of people living in a poor world that children still wants to play games but can not afford to buy a Nintendo DS, PSP or anything like. These Chinese makers fit in the line to offer them a good choice. Plus, the GBA games are just classic, isn’t it ? We love GBA games no less than the poor kids. They also have PS1 emulators in Jz7460 and Actions MIPS CPU already..

    • Yup, old Ingenic or Actions I think. I don’t know if they even manufacture CC1600 anymore, it’s very old now. And I think maybe the device is too cheap for CC1800. Anyway, I’ll definitely be opening this one up to check once it has arrived 🙂

      JXD have the M1000 with a new Actions chip for PS1 emulation, but unfortunately it isn’t very good. Are there any JZ4760 handhelds around yet? I haven’t seen any so far. Ingenic devices are the most interesting for me, at least they allow developers to code for their hardware. PS1 even runs OK on a JZ4750 with no sound, I’d like to see how it would perform on a newer chip with Linux/Dingux.

      • Hello, for now, the solution is available in Russia. Check this out :

        That’s the K Team powered GBA clone. No embedded games, just cartridge. 100% compatible and frame rate.
        No sound glitches, no slow moving. Just better than the original. 🙂

        Other form factors are coming out in the next few weeks. Also we are seeing more channels in different area/countries to distribute the solution in different form factors. We haven’t had a chance to approach websites like DealExtreme yet. If you wish, please email/call these web sites to email us for the machines. That will be more efficient because they might not know such solutions or they even don’t know customers want this one rather than the lousy emulators.

        • Kteam, is the SD version available or does the Cartridge solution support Flashcarts? is multiplayer between systems possible? aswell as gamecube compatibility?

      • Yes, there’ll be microSD/TF version and it will even hook up with original GBA via GBA Link cable, if u have one. It only accepts 2 or 3 types of traditional GBA flashcards like M3 or ELink. But using TF is much better than that. GC compatibility is not tested because we don’t have GC at hand. It might work or not. Hmm Maybe we will need to bid one old GC to test it ourselves. Thanks for reminding. Stay tuned here. There should be a full review of the K Team solution here soon. Check back here from time to time. 🙂

        • Kteam. I’m going to offer to send you a gamecube with the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and a controller. Crystal Chronicles uses the GBA for a second controllerso it’s the best game to test GC compatibility with.

      • Thanks for the offer. I think we can get used GC and GC games from ebay directly. But need to know how GBA work with GC. We will check it later when we got resource..

  4. The problem with a lot of these devices is that you can by the real thing for the same money or less. I got a mint AGS 101 for less. It’s the same story with the numerous psp clones.

    • Completely agree. Unfortunately curiousity is my downfall, and the reason I end up buying these things. BTW I also have an AGS-101, I bought it off someone at work for £15 which I thought was a pretty good deal!

      • I have to fight myself every day on buying these devices. I just picked up a Sega Gopher used thankfully but I’m really chomping at the bit for the next generation of Chinese handhelds to come out. That’s why check in here every week.

        • Nice one. Did you get the newer model with SD slot for loading your own ROMs? I assume compatibility is 100% right? I always liked the look of those things, but haven’t grabbed one yet. My last post might have made it seem like I buy everything going, but I’m not that far gone yet 🙂

  5. I have saw this about 2 days ago on DX… yeah seams they love GBA knockoffs, but i like the SD idea…

    What i don’t like is the proprietary USB cable!! :@

    • I agree, when it’s broken you’re screwed! Well, you were with the old version… at least here you can dump your ROMs onto a memory card instead of relying on the internal memory.

      And you can charge it with any old GBA SP charger, so the dodgy cable doesn’t really matter too much in this case.


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