Out Of The Blue: REVO K101 Gets A Fix For Save Bug


Well here’s a nice little update for any Revo K101 owners out there, MaxZhou88 has finally fixed the firmware bug that meant some .sav files were wiped when the console shut down. The Revo K101 is a hardware clone of the Nintendo GBA and it was released around 18 months in China. The clones boasts many features that the original GBA did not have, including a high resolution LCD, back lighting and TV Output.

The handheld is still available here, and you can find the firmware update along with instructions to upgrade here.

Although it’s taken a very long time, it’s great to see continued support for this machine. With the .sav fix in place, it is by far the most comprehensive clone out there. In MaxZhou88’s own words:



Thanks to David Knight for sending this in.

3 thoughts on “Out Of The Blue: REVO K101 Gets A Fix For Save Bug”

  1. Just ordered one of these, can’t wait to get mine. Does anyone know if this update fixes any of the other issues?


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