K101Plus Shipping Soon, Crystal Case Version Later!


It’s been two and a half years since the original Revo K101 was released, and true to his word that he would never give up on it, Max Zhou has announced a new hardware revision of the K1 powered GBA clone. I’ve been holding off posting about this thing because I wanted to get some info on what changes have been made since the original hardware was released in September 2012. Today I managed to get a translation of┬ásomething Max Zhou posted on the internet that outlines the changes made in the new version. The K101Plus is not a successor to the K101, really it’s just had some tweaks and improvements made to it, with a smattering of improvements added to boot.

Here’s what maxzhou88 wrote and the translation I got.

maxzhou88 k101plus

1. Dual ROM – 32MB+32MB or 32MB+16MB. you can now switch back to the menu from any ROM. Issues for Saving files of 32MB ROMs solved as well.
2. Coil whining prevalent when adjusting screen brightness has now been reduced.
3. Reduced default screen brightness. Changes in brightness are now more pronounced.
4. Battery capacity has been increased from 600mAh to 800mAh.
5. Improved the battery efficiency. Battery uses less power when in standby and when switching the device on/off.
6. The speaker on device shuts down when you connect the AV cable to TV.
7. Screen protector incldued.

There’s also a video of the new device being demo’d. I watched this a few days ago and couldn’t really work out what the differences were. Now I understand why, the improvements are largely internal and software based.

The new K101P will start shipping later this month, and once the current stock of white cases are gone then the crystal versions will become an option too. If you want to pre-order one of the new white case K101P, then you can do so at k101gbasp.com. Although there is no mention of it being the Plus version, I understand from the owner that they will be. You can double check with him before pre-ordering though if you want to put your mind at ease. Update: The website now confirms it is the Plus version.

5 thoughts on “K101Plus Shipping Soon, Crystal Case Version Later!”

  1. The one thing I don’t like at all about this handheld is the diamond pixel alinement. It’s horrible. It makes the graphics look blurry.

    • I noticed it on the Gemei A330 with that low res 320×240 LCD, but I find it barely noticeable at all on the K101. Probably my age… ­čśŤ

    • I’m considering it, but I’d like a crystal case version so it might be a while yet. To be honest, I don’t think the difference between this and the original (which I already reviewed) is going to be that much.


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