MaxZhou88 Is On A Roll On Youku


MaxZhou88 is obviously rather enthusiastic about sharing as much as he can regarding the new K101Plus. He seems to be uploading videos daily (sometimes twice daily!) to Youku. In his latest video’s we can see that there will not only be a crystal case version of the K101Plus, but also a transparent black version too.

There’s also a 20 second video showing the same cases getting the laser logo engraving done. I hope the dude is controlling the timing of that laser with his foot, because he appears to be milliseconds away from having a nice revo logo burned into his hand a times!



There’s also another video where he seems to be loading new firmware onto the device, but I’m not entirely sure. Have a look if you like.

I apologise that the video’s link to Youku, the problem that the software I used to use to grab the vids and re-upload them no longer works. Youku must have changed something. If anyone knows of a way to grab vids from Youku, please do let me know.

10 thoughts on “MaxZhou88 Is On A Roll On Youku”

  1. Where can I purchase this?!? (Just one or two of them haha i dont like the new wholesale purchasing:( i cant afford to buy 50 hahah!)

  2. Not really relevant to the post, but did you ever get your hands on an Ipega PG9500? I can’t find information about it anywhere but it looks like a really nice system. I couldn’t even find it listed on Ipega’s website. Do you know more about it?

  3. I’ll be getting the transparent. It would have nice if the colors were red and blue like the limited ed. 2ds but these are still pretty cool.
    Have you seen MaxZhou88’s DS clone prototype? That was pretty interesting. It’s called the K2


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