GPD XD First In Depth Review Courtesy Of Nielo360

And a very thorough, well spoken and impartial review it is. Thanks Nielo 😀

Where to grab one:

Geekbuying 16GB Black – $139.99 with coupon code GPDXD10USD
Banggood 16GB Black – $145.99
Willgoo 16GB Black – $159.99
Geekbuying 32GB Blue – $159.99 with coupon code FLMMFYRX
Banggood 32GB Blue – $167.99
Willgoo 32GB Blue – $169.99
Geekbuying 32GB Black – $159.99 with coupon code FLMMFYRX
Geekbuying 16GB Blue – $139.99 with coupon code GPDXD10USD

Check out his written remarks on the device at the Dingoonity boards.

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