GPD XD First In Depth Review Courtesy Of Nielo360

And a very thorough, well spoken and impartial review it is. Thanks Nielo 😀

Where to grab one:

Geekbuying 16GB Black – $139.99 with coupon code GPDXD10USD
Banggood 16GB Black – $145.99
Willgoo 16GB Black – $159.99
Geekbuying 32GB Blue – $159.99 with coupon code FLMMFYRX
Banggood 32GB Blue – $167.99
Willgoo 32GB Blue – $169.99
Geekbuying 32GB Black – $159.99 with coupon code FLMMFYRX
Geekbuying 16GB Blue – $139.99 with coupon code GPDXD10USD

Check out his written remarks on the device at the Dingoonity boards.

8 Replies to “GPD XD First In Depth Review Courtesy Of Nielo360”

  1. How is the Android audio latency with emulators these days? Have they fixed that issue yet?

  2. Does it have google play store installed?

  3. That big space in the midddle of the bottom section looks awfully empty. I saw a mock-up with a basic LCD there recently. It might be a good place for a virtual keyboard in the next version!?

  4. can you use youtube on it.

    1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

      You can do everything that you can do on any Android machine on it, so yes Youtube will be fine.

  5. Can you use your Google Play account with the GPD XD?

    1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

      Yes of course! 🙂

  6. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! I want I want I want, but I don’t need it! LOL. need something to top me over!

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