GPD WIN Begins Shipping

Pretty much right on schedule, GPD have begun shipping their Windows 10 handhelds out. In true crowd funding style, many backers are still waiting for theirs to ship whilst others have simply bought one from a store and received it already. I feel your pain (I pre-ordered a Pandora back in 2008).

Videos began cropping up on YouTube just over a week ago, and I’m sure you’ve been watching them if you’re interested in this console so I won’t bother posting them all here. I’ll leave this one though, as this is the first thing I’d be doing to mine if I’d ordered one.

Many stores are claiming to have stock and accepting your cash, but not all are actually ready to ship yet. Unfortunately as is the way with many overseas sellers, it’s hard to know until you’ve paid up and waited a week to find nothing has happened with your order. Choose your vendor wisely, or go with someone on AliExpress who specifically says they have stock ready to ship out.

I’m still undecided, I like the idea of it but realistically I think I’d be happier playing on my GBA. Call me a luddite if you will, and please excuse the shameless plug 😉

13 thoughts on “GPD WIN Begins Shipping”

  1. I got mine today – Finally. Not that the shipping took long (it was here in less than a week – with free shipping, and a holiday!) but it just took me a long time to “pull the trigger”. Of course, now there is discussion about the GPD WIn 2 coming out next year – but I’m not worried – since the 2 is probably going to cost more.

    I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it, just got it set up with Steam over lunch and played Ducktales Remastered as a test run. It seems pretty great so far. The keyboard is way too small to be used for much at all – but USB and Bluetooth can solve that if you really want to use it for typing.

    The game controls seem awesome – so far. Responsive, accurate, just what you’d expect from an Xbox controller basically. The D-Pad is pretty Nintendo-like – and since they invented the D-Pad, that’s high praise. 🙂

    I may share more when I spend some more time with it and get it set up. Just wanted to say I finally got a new “Obscure Handheld”. 🙂

  2. If they’d thrown Android on this thing, or at made it an option, I’d be all in. But effing win10? Pass..

      • I’m not a fan of Steam’s lame DRM schemes, and the GPD Win is not powerful enough to run the PC games I play. The hardware this little system has to offer would run nearly anything Google Play has to offer. Additionally, Windows 10 is unacceptably invasive to the privacy and data security of users. So yes, on THIS system, I would easily prefer Android.

  3. Need more competition in this space. Great machine to work through my Steam indie game backlog while watching the game. I have a ton of smaller games that came along with Steam sale bundles. I have been streaming them over shield up until now, but sometimes the network weather just doesn’t cooperate.

  4. It’s a real shame that Linux is not a viable option for this computer.
    This isn’t a modern x86 Linux handheld PC with standard layout thumb-typing keyboard, some of us wished for.

    I’m happy for Windows users though.

  5. I am confused. What SOC shall retail version have? z8700 or z8750?

    They seem to wish to revert to z8700 fanless config. All preorder pages only offer z8700 now.

    • The first batch, that was shipped to their Chinese crowd funding effort, had the 8750 in it but it had problems. There’s a YouTube video showing the 8700 version running much better despite the slightly less powerful Soc. GPD ended up building most of the units with the 8700 which I assume is the final retail build.

  6. I ordered one and am excited to get it soon. I’m more interested in it as a mini Windows PC than a game console. There are a lot of things that a smartphone just can’t do and having a fully functional machine in a similar form factor was too good to pass up especially being as it’s pretty much the only game in town (if you want Windows).


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