BittBoy’s Cute Little Homage To The Game Boy

Little handhelds like this are a dime a dozen, but it’s not often they look quite as adorable as this thing. The BittBoy is obviously a homage to the original Nintendo Game Boy in design, but instead of taking carts it comes pre-loaded with 300 NES/Famicom Games to work your way through. It contains a 500mAh rechargeable battery, a 2.2″ IPS display and can also do TV Output via composite cable.

The BittBoy is now available over at if you’re in the USA, and worldwide it can be bought directly from their website – It’s obviously no game changer, but then again for $30 shipped it doesn’t need to be. The Amazon account is run by the manufacturer, so it is trustworthy in case you were tempted. I’ll have one to play with in a couple of weeks so I’ll say something about it then. I should have asked them for the list of games, because looking at the picture it contains at least a few rather dubious looking titles. Hot High School anyone? The mind boggles.

5 thoughts on “BittBoy’s Cute Little Homage To The Game Boy”

  1. They took the already cramped and hard to fold for any amount of time vertical design of the original Game Boy, and made it worse by making it much smaller and cramming in more buttons.


    Still, it looks cool – but it is impractical, and definitely not worth $30.

    Neat to know it exists though.

  2. Isn’t this kind of thing illegal? The Machine itself obviously not, but the roms? That crosses a line, last time I checked anyway.

    • It is illegal, but with the exception of the k101 I’ve never bought a handheld from China that didn’t come preloaded with some kind of copyrighted ROMs on.

      • Have you never had a JXD, GPD or iPega device? They came with the “Happy Chick” nonsense which allows for “iffy” downloads, but they never had roms preinstalled, afaik[and I own several]. Archos made a few devices which were geared toward gaming as well and they didn’t either.

        • I’ve had a GPD G5A and that came with an emulator frontend full of Chinese ROMs on it. Also that Yinlips thing who’s name I can’t remember came with ROMs on it too. Granted these were both a few years ago, maybe things have changed since then.


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