The Bastardised Revo K101

The original K1 hardware is apparently out of production now, though there are rumours on Baidu of a re-release with some changes to the original design. So it was with a mix of excitement and curiousity that I clicked the listing on Fasttech (update Feb 2019 – the listing has changed to that of a cheap Famiclone. Looks like they’re not selling the RS97 anymore) of something that very closely resembles the Revo K101. My excitement soon turned to mild annoyance though, when I realised that the Coolboy RS-97 is simply emulation hardware stuck inside a Revo shell.

However, upon closer inspection the machine does have some potential. The chip is an Ingenic JZ4760 (despite the promo material that states JZ4725B), which is a beefed up (though still painfully out-dated) successor to the chip inside the Dingoo A320. So it’s a possibility we’ll see OpenDingux running on this thing at some point in the future. That’s if anyone cares about devices like this anymore!

Out of the box the unit emulates Neo Geo, Capcom Play System, GBA, SNES, Megadrive, NES, Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy and GBC systems. Rather lazily, Coolboy have kept the K-Card system found in the Revo. Weirdly, if you look closely at the K-Cart you can see the words K_GBA_V1.0 printed on it, along with a date of September 2017. I’m not sure why they would have kept that print because I’m sure the machine has nothing to do with the team that developed the K1 hardware.

I have seen this named the K101 Pro at a few places around the internet, but if anything I’d call it the K101 Amateur. The K101 was a work of genius, but this is just another emulator. I’m sure interest in these kind of things must be at an all time low now, with the likes of the XD Plus and Win2 on the horizon – but I duno, I kinda like stuff like this.

Predictably, as is usual with tat like this, curiosity got the better of me and mine is now in the UK. Hopefully it’ll be delivered this week. If you fancy one, they’re available at a few retailers but Fasttech is once again the cheapest I can find at $50 (£37).

If you decide to use the links on this site to purchase, it won’t cost you any more but I’ll get a few cents towards upkeep.

7 thoughts on “The Bastardised Revo K101”

    • Yes it has arrived. I’ve played with it a bit but it my review will come once the replacement firmware has been polished up a bit. The stock firmware is a joke.

    • Yep that’s my post. I’m waiting to see if there’s any kind of real development before reviewing this thing, because out of the box it’s a bit lame. It seems even the manufacturers couldn’t work out the res of the honeycomb LCD judging by the atrocious menu UI.


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