Check Out Taki’s Review of the GKD350H

Unless you’re living in China you can’t easily get a hold of the GKD350H yet, but Taki Udon has put together an all round excellent review of one that he managed to get hold of.

Update 15/12/2019: This handheld is now available worldwide from AliExpress.

This thing will certainly be strong competition for the RG350. I’ll be sure you let you all know once it’s available through the normal channels.

8 thoughts on “Check Out Taki’s Review of the GKD350H”

  1. A pity they always put the analog stick so near to the border on the corner, it’s not comfortable for our thumbs. It would be a lot better if they put it more in the inner side and a little higher too, near to the bezel of the screen, just as in the PSVita, good also to leave free the space for using the D Pad without having to avoid touching the stick. Also no L2 R2 is another big letdown .

  2. jeezus! why are the Chinese so enamored with that damn single joystick so far down on the right?! Seriously, NO ONE finds gaming pleasurable with their hand in that position for more than 5 minutes! also, why the lack of L/R2?!? I’d think this would be reasonable for n64 emulation, but it’s STILL missing two buttons (“Z” and “start”, IF you remap the “select” and “start” buttons on this to be “B” and “A” respectively)!

    The hardware is powerfull enough to run everything up to n64 and PS1 clean and pretty, yet your console isn’t PHYSICALLY able to play all the title options purely because of lack of inputs?!

    your console is design bad and you should feel bad!

  3. Still think they were lying about the 1.5ghz CPU? Even the Evercade will have this, will prob wait for that to get hacked at £59 is pretty cheap.

  4. Yes I am going to wait for this instead of the RG 350, If you watch taki’s review of it you can see that the right analog stick really does get in the way when your pressing the A B X Y buttons. Has any one tried to pop something with a lower profile on the right anaolg stick yet ?


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